Concerning Grand Proposals And Marriages

Concerning Grand Proposals And Marriages

Some couple of weeks back, there was this trending proposal video on Instagram that got everybody oohing and aahing and daydreaming and fantasizing, especially the ladies or should I say most especially the ladies.
The way and manner in which the guy went about the proposal was beyond amazing.

First, the proposal took place in Thailand and he used some fire display sorta thing to propose to the lady with a song in the background, telling the lady how he will fight kung fu for her love. Lol!

It was super amazing, and I am telling you about it because of the comments I read after watching the video.

Some ladies said things like, “I hope my future husband is seeing this right now” and all of that stuff.

Seeing all these comments made me think about how some ladies might begin to think the grander the proposal, the deeper or truer the love or that the weight of the man’s love for them is commensurate to the way he proposes to them.

And some ladies might be even be like, “After all, if the proposal is magnificent, it must be proof that he really adores me, loves me and values me.”

So they begin to subtly pressurize their boos into giving them a proposal that is gram worthy; a proposal that will shut down the internet and then shut down the man’s pocket or the lady’s pocket, depending on how desperate she is for an impressive proposal.

I have a message for you today.

First, a grand proposal is not equal to a grand marriage. Second, that the proposal isn’t grand does not mean Boo loves you any less.

Don’t let what is happening on social media fool you. As believers in godly relationships, we are not to be tossed to and fro by every wind of social media doctrine.

Don’t pressurize your boo into measuring up to social media standards.

Who even set the standards in the first place?
The only standard with which we measure true love is the standard that Love Himself, Jesus, displayed on the cross – Sacrifice.

“Does he love like Christ?” is the most important thing to consider, and not if he proposes in a gram worthy style.

If boo doesn’t have the resources with which to throw you that grand proposal you have always dreamed of, then think about those times he sacrificed something for you, maybe his time, money he didn’t have so much of and so on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying grand proposals are wrong nor am I saying it is wrong for a lady to want to be treated in such an exquisite fashion. If the resources are readily available, why not?

My point is this: avoid pressurizing your partner into doing something he is not capable of doing at the moment.

Proposals are short-lived, and they are not the test of true love. Sacrifice is the test of true love. SACRIFICE.

I leave you with these words from a really wise woman. She said, “Romance isn’t measured by how viral your proposal goes because how a man proposes isn’t what makes him romantic. It is how a man purposes to lay down his life that makes him romantic.”

I am not moved by what I see on social media. I am only moved by the word of God that abides forever.

Lord, help me to stay focused on your standard for my relationship and not social media standard.

A grand proposal is not equal to a grand marriage.

I decide today to be influenced by the word of God and not social media

1 Corinthians 13: 7: Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Pastor Dunamis Okunowo:
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    I am moved by God’s word.

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    True ma… Thank you!

  3. Abraham Adidu

    Thank you sir for this insightful teachings. I am blessed.

  4. Kaycee

    I must stay focused on God’s standard in everything

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