Concerning Leadership In The Home

Sometimes during the past week, a funny comment was passed by someone at work concerning the emergence of a lot of women becoming not just the breadwinners of their families but women becoming “pounded yam winners”
That was just a funny note.

Invariably she was trying to explain how financially involved wives are in the running of their families these days.

Personal reflection on the comment made me realize that a lot of women had been doing this in times past but our society seems to be receptive to the idea in the wake of apparent economic challenges.

The thought of the situation been socially and politically correct has been won, which makes wives to talk about it freely this days.

Women are fast becoming in many cases, the financial backbone of their families. I will not say that it is ungodly or ‘unwelcomed’ for a woman to be the breadwinner in a family, but as a man, I am certain that a man’s ego will most likely be bruised if such case is not managed with sound wisdom.

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Money will always answer to sound financial practices, hence husbands must be on top of their financial game by learning and mastering the principles of finance.

By divine arrangement, the man is assigned to be the head of the home

1 Corinthians 11:3 KJV
But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

The leadership role assigned to the man should factor in finances in the middle of other issues. But in a situation when the woman is blessed financially even more than the husband, this does not in anyway transfer leadership of the home to the woman.

It’s a situation virtually most men would rather pray not to find themselves in. However, it occurs among Christians so let’s see what one can do when his wife is having the extra edge in terms of finance

  • Pray for and cooperate with your wife
  • keep doing all you can to be a responsible husband and father
  • Do not trap yourself in the pit of comparison with your wife
  • Allow yourself to be helped
  • Evaluate your financial decisions and continually subscribe to tutelage or mentoring concerning finances
  • Keep honoring God, his work and your “parents” with your seeds
  • Do not loose character

May we be blessed on all sides to be the leader in our families

My husband is blessed on all sides

The works of my hands remain blessed. It can never be cursed

It is God that blesses but man has to work out his part

Examine your actions towards financial decisions

Psalms 135

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