21 Days Into Sexual Purity

21 Days Into Sexual Purity

21 Days Into Sexual Purity And Overcoming Sexual Perversions

This programme is designed to help participants commit to sexual purity and also to overcome sexual perversions.

Many years ago, I was a victim of masturbation as a young man. It all began when I read a book as a nineteen years old that 95 percent of boys masturbate and the remaining 5 percent are lying.

I simply believed I was abnormal. That was my introduction to masturbation. I became addicted right into my twenties.

But then I rededicated my life and God began to deal with me. It took me some time, but I was eventually free as a single. Little did I know that God was going to give me a ministry along this.

A lot of Christians are living perpetually and habitually in different forms of perversions ranging from masturbation, anal, pornography, lesbianism, homosexuality, bondage stuffs, and many more too numerous to mention.

This has resulted to a defeated christian life. It needs not be so. The scripture says sin shall not have dominion overs us.

It becomes necessary to bring something deeper than the regular devotionals we send out everyday to cater for believers who like Apostle Paul at a time, are doing the very things they did not want to do.

We can only cater for a few people at a time because of the intensive nature of one on one attention, the strategic prayers, the books to read, action plans, workbook sessions and many other things that will eventually lead to your deliverance.

How To Register

21 Days Into Sexual Purity And Overcoming Perversions will commence as soon as you are registered. Registration cost is N7,000 to participate.

To register, use the info below:

Deposit or Online Transfer

Alternatively, you can make a deposit or transfer using this info:

Guarantee Trust Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0150088032

Diamond Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0080369418

When Will I Begin?

The programme has been structured to work with your timing. Since it is a personal journey, you can start anytime. If you will like to participate, all you need to do is register using buttons above and then you will be able to begin by next day. Once payment is made, send a Whatsapp Message to Minister Sylvester on +234 818 415 1627. You will be given details and access

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