Affair Proof Your Marriage

Affair Proof Your Marriage

The feeling of having your spouse in an affair with someone else is not a good feeling at all.

It could be a full blown affair, an emotional affair or an opposite sex that is too close for comfort.

Your husband or wife needs to be protected from these emotional predators that want to be circling round your spouse.

The case may be a spouse who is interested in having a feel of what it feels like to have another person other than their spouse.

On the other hand it may be that your spouse is very naive or innocently falling a prey to the trap of a seducer.
Whichever way, as a spouse, I believe it is our responsibility to protect our spouse.

Protecting your spouse is in essence protecting yourself.

When you talk of the heartache, frustration, anxiety and the uncertainty that comes from an eventual affair, you will agree it is worth nipping it in the bud.

Our husbands and wives are susceptible to different people out there.

Many do not have clean motives.

Some people are out to get our spouse if they can get a chance.

Some are looking for emotional support, some financial support and others are just out to steal your spouse for the fun of it.

Funny enough they may not even be interested in marrying them. Just the thrill of sharing what belongs to someone else.

It is better to affair proof your marriage, than to start managing crisis when an affair eventually occurs.

I know some spouse could be difficult.

You try all you could to make them faithful, they just wouldn’t bulge.

In this case, one option you have is to take your marriage as a warfare and be on your knees for your spouse.

Know that there is something important about your relationship that the enemy wants.

Close all doors to whatever may trigger an affair (both husband and wife).

Be romantic best friends.

Talk about every thing and anything.

Don’t be too busy with work, take out time to be with your spouse.

This may be difficult, but we have to try. It is worth all our investment of time and energy.

You have to schedule it as a matter of priority.

Don’t keep on checking feeding suspicions

Try to be the best to your spouse.

We will look at some other areas of affair proofing your marriage tomorrow

God bless your marriage.

Confession for the day
My marriage is protected from predators

Prayer for the day
Lord, I receive Grace to affair proof my marriage

Thought of the day
I do the needful now and safe my marriage from any form of affair.

Action plan
Begin to tighten every loose end in your marriage

Bible reading
Pro 6

Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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