As A Single, I Never Knew I Would Meet My Husband In Church

As A Single, I Never Knew I Would Meet My Husband In Church

Interview with Damilola
On KHC Telegram Group for Senior Singles, we often time interview members of KHC who were once single but are now married. Weddings! Here is an interview with Damilola Enjoy

Q 1: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you came across KHC?
I’m Damilola by name, I am In my early 30s. I work and live in the US. I have lived here for 8 years now. Before that I lived in Lagos and worked in a bank. I came across KHC through a friend on twitter. I always thought the name was funny but one day I read a post on waiting and it encouraged me so I started following

Q 2: What is your favourite color?

Q 3: I’m sure marriage has been awesome. We would love to see a picture of you before wedding, during the courtship and also after the wedding if you don’t mind?
I am a bit private. I will share one photo I have always wanted a beach wedding. That was the first hurdle God helped us with when we were planning to marry. The beach was actually the cheapest venue we could find and it was perfect for our needs and timing. It was amazing to me that God remembered my desire for a beach wedding and brought it to pass
Dami – Beachside wedding

Q 4: How did you meet him?
In church. I know right…very cliché. The funny thing is my church is very small. Churches in the US especially the east coast usually are. People don’t do church that often and I never thought I would meet my husband in my church. I was the only single person my age there.

But we had a one-off program on a Thursday so our usual worship group couldn’t make it and so the church invited another parish worship to handle the service and he was in the group.

I didn’t even see him – didn’t notice him at all. Apparently some of our aunties in the Lord decided to be matchmakers, finding out if we both were single and encouraging him to make a move.

At first I wasn’t interested. We were very different people. Our first date was to the movies. I am Ijesha and I rather wait for the movie to come on Netflix than pay 20 dollars to go and watch film. Kilode? He on the other hand thinks it is enjoyment. So I didn’t like him.

But after that first date, I knew. I just had this peace and knew. In fact I went home and complained. “God why are you giving me someone like this, Can’t you find someone else my type? Besides remember I wanted a white man…” Thank you. But God was not minding my foolishness at that point.

Q 5: Did you have to pray and fast while waiting? (ie before your hubby showed up)
Many times. In fact we had just finished our 50 day fast the day I met him – I am a member of RCCG. If it is by fasting alone, I would have met him since

Q 6: Looking back now, what would you say was your major lesson as a single?
Trust God

Q 7: Were you ever discouraged? How did you come out of it?

I think one of the messages that changed my life was by Bill Johnson of Bethel. He talked about God as a father. You know how when we sleep in church people make us feel bad. But he said ‘when my children fall asleep in my arms, I don’t make them feel guilty’ I am not saying go and be sleeping in church oh!!!
But we need to see God as Jesus saw him. As Father

The one who carries us when we are sleeping even in church. That God will never let you down and he will not keep any good thing back from you. I know it is hard to trust when you have waited for so long, but God is not wicked. He is “gooder” than you can imagine. He is looking for excuses to bless you.

The Bible says he delights in showing mercy. So our attitude should be if it hasn’t happened yet, it is because God is preparing me and it for bigger

Q 8: Were there previous relationships? Was your heart ever broken? How did you move on?
Yes, all before I started walking with God. Once I did, I didn’t date anyone until the person that was my husband. It was a prayer I prayed. Lord I don’t want to date until I meet the person you have for me

Q 9: How did KHC help your marital dream? How did you apply the devotionals into your single life?
The devotionals were used by the Holy Spirit to encourage me. Pastor is very funny and sometimes the humor elevated me when I was losing hope. The warnings were also helpful. I also love the fact that he emphasized grace in his writings. I started reading the married couples’ devotionals too even before I got married in faith.

We have some questions from people in the audience .. .The first is as follows:-

Q 10: Good afternoon. Please ma, I have this question to ask. If you have feelings for a lady but God now showed you another lady that you didn’t have feelings for, what can one do in this case, can the brother go for the one he has feelings for or the one God showed him? Thanks.

I am not a brother oh and I have never been in this situation before so I will let Pastor answer this one. Most times I find that we Christians are afraid we will miss the will of God. But He is not a God that hides himself and let’s his children walk into the fire.

God stood in the way of Balaam, an idol worshipper. How much more his own children when they are about to make a mistake? Unless you aren’t being faithful to God, but if you are He will be faithful to you and you won’t miss it. Don’t let that worry you.

Q 11: Do you think it’s advisable for a single lady to live alone before marriage?
Haha. I have lived alone for more than ten years. Mostly because I live abroad but even when I was in Nigeria near my parents, my office wasn’t close to our home, so I lived with roommates. So long as you are not alone all the time.

Make godly friends, go for church programs, find a hobby and make friends with like minds. While waiting develop your skill as a single, your art, yourself.
Living alone forces you to learn a lot of things that will help your future- cooking, cleaning, etc

Q 12: What advice do you have for the KHC Senior Singles?
One advice I have for singles while preparing is please get your finances in order
I know that isn’t ‘godly’ spiritual advice per say. But please start saving as a single. Learn the culture of saving.

We got married in 6 months. If we didn’t have savings we wouldn’t have been able to align with God’s acceleration. Savings also helped us do so much in these first few months.

We just got back from our honeymoon and honestly people kept asking us ‘how’ because this was like a destination for people when they retire and are now spending government money. But we did it with savings.

Your first few months will be easy if you can rest easy knowing your finances are in order. There is a place for prayer but please faith is being ready, even financially.

The other advice I have is whatever God told you, hold firm to it. I remember Pastor Dunamis always says that in his devotionals and one time I called him on the phone to complain (first and only time I called him) that God didn’t tell me anything, so which one is hold onto what God told you?

God is always speaking. His name is The Word, How can He not have something to say?- Bill Johnson

Ask God for a promise regarding your spouse, you career, your health. He will give you and you will know. Jeremiah 33:11 and Jeremiah 31:22 was my word. I declared it every day. Even in despair. And it came to pass.

God’s word works. Listen to Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Bill Johnson, Bill Winston, Andrew Wommack, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pastor Dunamis. Those men of God will cause even a rock to have faith.

Find someone in the household of faith to agree with you over what you want in a spouse. “If two of you shall agree.”

Oh and lastly, sow the seed you want to reap. I bought a friend who was getting married her wedding shoes in April and by August I was married. You reap what you sow. So sow into someone’s joy. Buy a sister in the Lord a wedding gift, however small, seeds are small but it will germinate into an oak tree

Thank you very much Damilola for all we’ve learnt today… We’re really grateful. God bless your marriage… Amen

Thank you for the opportunity
The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy so I know my testimony prophesies into your lives and brings about yours.

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