How To Really Avoid Comparisons

How To Really Avoid Comparisons

Jude has a neighbor. Kingsley is the typical rich man who lives in luxury while Jude is the regular average man who has been struggling to at least purchase a car in order to make his family more comfortable.
Seeing the rate at which his neighbor was progressing, Jude began to compare himself with Kingsley.

What was Kingsley doing that he wasn’t doing?

How come Kingsley has almost everything at his beck and call while he’s just struggling to fend for the basic needs of his family?

Is he not talented enough? What kind of destiny did he bring to the world?
These and many other questions popped up in his mind from time to time.

Does the above story sound familiar? Maybe yours is not directly this but you consider yourself not as beautiful as that lady in your church or as successful as that man on your street or any other yardstick with which you are comparing yourself with others.

Can I tell you something today?

No matter how much of a beauty you are, how talented, educated or successful you are, there is always someone who is better looking, more talented and more successful than you are.
That is an established fact and you can do absolutely nothing about it.

There is no joy you can derive from comparing yourself with others. Don’t be bent on seeing yourself better than others, rather focus on being the best you can possibly be.

Be confident of who you are.
Comparing yourself with others leads to self-doubt and self-doubt often leads to loss of self-confidence. Be confident and start enjoying YOU.

The Bibles says in Exodus 20:17, Thou shall not covet. Covetousness is desiring what others have and this includes comparing yourself with others. Stop the comparison NOW!

For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. (2 Corinthians 10:12 )

There is no wisdom in comparing your own Introduction page to another person’s Epilogue. Everyone is running an individual race.
When you constantly compare yourself with others,you will start to reject who God actually created you to be.
Another person can be your role model but never make anyone your yardstick. You can never be that person, you can only be YOU.

This reminds me of an illustration I heard a while back. On the high way, an SUV car will travel faster than a petrol tanker. The petrol tanker need not panic and start comparing and competing with the SUV. The SUV will still wait for it at the fuelling station when the car needs refilling.

Whatever level you might be in now in your marriage, career and life in general, celebrate your uniqueness and keep enjoying this life that God has outlined for you. By all means, avoid comparisons!

I am content with who God has created me to be. I make continuous progress and will not make another man my yardstick. Jesus is my yardstick and I constantly seek to be more like Him in every way

Father in the Name of Jesus, help me to celebrate my uniqueness and rejoice in the future You have prepared for me (Amen)

…They that compare themselves with themselves are not wise (2Corithians 10:12)

Stop comparing yourself with others, start living and enjoying the life God has prepared for you.

Exodus 20

Mrs Oluwatoyin Ogunbameru

Oluwatoyin is a wife, teacher and a lover of God. She loves to see people living their lives in the most amazing way, thereby becoming useful to one another.

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