Be A Sensible Husband And Wife

Be A Sensible Husband And Wife

Coming together as a man and woman in the presence of the leading of Holy spirit is the best thing that can happen to a man and wife as they are convinced of the purpose of God for their union, the union though made in heaven is lived on earth and principles that govern both heaven and earth has to be applied to have a successful earthly marriage and not lose heavenly relevance.

Marriage requires daily investment of work by both husband and wife, as it is not always a romantic adventure for the two. Issues surrounding understanding and managing temperamental differences, communication, sex life and co require a lot of deliberate work to have a successful marriage.

Pressures that arise from management of matters arising from these marital issues can weigh so much on the husband or wife such that they quickly forget where they are coming from and the blessings received by the union of marriage:

Mr. G got married and in the space of one year he rarely give thanks to God for the blessing of a wife and home but all he is currently concerned about is the help make of God to make his life and the life of his wife better.

Mrs. A on the other hand after marriage stops thanking God for the blessing of marriage but she is always torn between recovering from misunderstandings and hurts and also praying and wishing that her husband will speak more of her love language.

Right there for both Mr. G and Mrs. A, they  cannot experience the best of God in that marriage as they are not appreciating God for the marriage, filling their minds with unwise things and their hearts becoming unwise forgetting so quickly that they were just pleading and praying that the man or woman they are now with show up some months or years back.

Romans 1:21 (BBE)
Because, having the knowledge of God, they did not give glory to God as God, and did not give praise, but their minds were full of foolish things, and their hearts, being without sense, were made dark. 

Issues will always come up, sex and temperamental issues might be the first set that calls for your attention but ensure you approach all issue with thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is so powerful that it will reset your unwise mindset to a bright (illuminated) mindset, the moment you deliberately and genuinely give thanks over that man or the moment you deliberately and genuinely give thanks over that woman expect to be clear on how to deal with the next issue you are face with, expect Gods intervention in that situation.

This morning is a good place to look back and intentionally thank God for your wife, thank God for your husband, it shows you are mindful and appreciative  of the deeds of God in your life, you can be sure that God will show up for you in places that matter in that marriage. Amen

I am thankful and grateful for my spouse

Lord I thank you for giving me my husband/wife

If you are not thankful for your spouse you are unwise

Give thanks to God for your spouse more than complaining over issues

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