Before You Say I Do

Personally, I strongly believe that a lot of heartaches can be avoided in the area of relationships. Cases of “he broke my heart”, “she broke my kidney”, “he broke my liver” can all be avoided if we “shine our eyes”.

This becomes paramount because we live in a generation that places more value on gifts, rather than fruits of the spirit.
Not everything will be revealed to you by word of knowledge. Some is “word by knowledge”. You will just know that this is a no-go area.

There are certain things to lookout for in a person, before you walk down the aisle, but this morning, I would love us to take a cue from the Holy Spirit while he was making his selection.

Acts 6:3 KJV Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.

Have you ever wondered why “honest report” came before “full of the Holy Ghost”?

It means that it is not just enough to be filled with the spirit, it is not just enough to be anointed to the bones and marrow, it is not just enough to be so spiritual, you must be an honest person too.

Spirituality can be faked. Tongues can be faked. Gifts of the Spirit can be faked, but honesty cannot be faked. It is either you are honest or you are not.

God needed men to stand in the gap and the first criteria for selection was honesty.

Dear KHCites, go for an honest fellow. Say yes to a man or woman of honest report.

Your first criteria should not be a heavy bank account. Your first criteria should not be ability to pray five hours. Your first criteria should not be possession of seven, out of nine gifts of the spirit.

Those things are good really, and if at all they should be on your “list”, they shouldn’t be the first.

What do people say about him?
Can his neighbors vouch for his sincerity?
Can her roommates attest to her Christianity?

I am not asking you to base your relationship on what people say, but there is wisdom in finding out who this person is from different sources. Everyone cannot be wrong about the same person at the same time. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John all wrote the same thing about the same man, though from different angles. So the onus lies on you to find out if his/her life in church is different from his/her life at home.

Am I communicating to somebody?

When people look at your life from work, school, home and church, will it point down to the same area?

By all means, settle for a man/woman full of the Holy Ghost but beyond that, does he/she have an honest report? What kind of track record does he/she have?

Marriage comes with its own pressures. I don’t think you will want to add the trauma of a dishonest spouse, a trickster or one who manipulates with words to the equation.

So don’t fall in love helplessly, like someone who has been hypnotized. Fall in love intentionally and deliberately. If you are always singing that song that says “I can’t help, falling in love with you”, you had better help yourself right away(smiles).

As I conclude, how do you know an honest fellow?

With time, it will show. For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. That is why we don’t encourage people to rush into relationships or marriage. Take your time, test the waters, test the spirit as well, because there are lying spirits.

Truth is, a man can be tongue talking, yet dishonest. A woman can be fire spitting, yet a first class liar, so you can’t judge based on “full of the Holy Ghost” alone.

Did you catch it?

I pray for you, God will help you choose right.
You will not miss it martially.
The eyes of your understanding are opened.
You know who to say YES to.
You have the Grace to say NO to the wrong fellow in Jesus matchless name, amen!

I will not be deceived.

Lord, open my eyes to see beyond what I am seeing.

Am I a person of honest report?

Look at the track record of that person you are “eyeing” or is “eyeing you”.

Acts 6

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  • Prince says:

    Help me to have a honest report….

  • Sylvester Obinna says:

    Open my eyes Lord!

  • Queen Yetty says:

    Oh Lord!! Open my eyes of understanding, the eye of my heart. To see beyond what am seeing. Help me to be more honest.

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I will not be deceived

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