Birthing Your Destiny – Part 2

Birthing Your Destiny – Part 2

Message Taught By Rev Biodun Akintayo at Shouts of Grace Center on the 8th of September 2019

  • Jere29 vs 11.
  • Everybody has a great destiny in God.
  • The birthing of one’s destiny does not involve God alone, the individual has a responsibility to carry. You must position yourself in birthing your destiny.
  • When it comes to the birthing of destiny nobody owes you in life, you owe yourself and what you owe yourself is responsibility toward your destiny.
  • It is not only about what you carry, but it is also about what you can do with what you carry.
  • Your destiny is too big and glorious to be ignored.
  • Destiny ignored is destiny grounded.
  • So many destinies are grounded because they refuse to take responsibility.
  • Lack of responsibility is the reason why people live on the mercy of others.
  • You don’t store up grace, you work with it. When you receive the grace you labor with it.
  • If grace transferred is not duplicated it is not GRACE. So pick up your destiny and work with it. Go after it, run with it. If God has not put anything into you then there is no waiting.
  • There is nothing like my time and season, every time is your time, you grow with TRUTH, not TIME. Eze12vs20.

In taking responsibility you must embrace two (2) things


  • Most times your pain is an indicator of your greatness. The day you accept your destiny, the pain will become your friend and a natural thing to you.
  • Grace is not for storage but for usage. You are not to ignore the pain, you are to turn the pain to pressure in the place of prayer.

Spiritual impartation

  • You must understand the role of spiritual impartation.
  • You must submit yourself to consistent spiritual impartation. Jesus understood the impartation process, it is the moment of transfer.
  • Impartation moment helps to build up your destiny. Ez4vs24, you must be submissive to spiritual impartation.

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