Birthing Your Future

Message Taught By Rev Dunamis on the 15th of September 2019

  • In God, we can determine how our future will look like.
  • You can take charge of your tomorrow, you can also give direction to your future, thanks to the holy spirit who knows tomorrow.
  • In the scripture everything is about choice, the decision you make today will give you your tomorrow (future).
  • Life is about decisions, what you are listening to per time will have an influence on your decision, so you can determine your tomorrow by your choices.
  • Prayer plays a major part, you can birth your future by walking with God. You can rewrite your life through prayer.
  • Luke22vs45.
  • Sleeping is not the right response to sorrow, what human efforts can do in one thousand years, God can do it in a day.
  • 2 Peter 3 vs 8-9.
  • God is never too late; he actually has to restrain himself because he wants us to come to repentance because he doesn’t want to give us the blessing that we cannot handle.
  • John 16 vs 17-20.
  • Sorrow is just a passage into joy, when sorrow comes sometimes it’s a sign to your breakthrough. Sorrow is meant to push you to the place of travail (place of prayer).
  • If you will birth your destiny, then you need to travail. When there is sorrow it is because your hour has come.
  • God ensures you have sorrow so that you can gather all the strength needed to push out your seed. Sorrow is not to drive you into your bedroom, it is to drive you to your knees.
  • John16vs5-7.
  • Isa 66vs7-9. God cannot give you a pregnancy and now shut the womb, you will definitely deliver, so your responsibility is to be ready to receive character-wise, spiritually wise.
  • Ensure you stay connected.

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