I Am Dating a Pastor/Prophet, But He Sleeps Around

I Am Dating a Pastor/Prophet, But He Sleeps Around

I am dating a pastor/prophet, and we are planning on getting married but by chance I discovered that when he goes for international ministration, he sleeps with women and just recently, I caught him in the act of masturbation and also a conversation, that suggests that he wants to visit spiritualist for additional powers.

He always speaks of well known pastors in Ghana that are either using occultist powers or are sleeping with women.
This was before I discovered his activities. I confronted him and admitted that yes he was in the act of masturbation and the women (before we met) issue were true.

He broke down and went into a fasting and is intending to undergo deliverance. He however, claimed that although he had considered the spiritualist’s help, he never went to see them.
Because he feared God. Sir, I am so confused now. I am torn between breaking up with him or standing by him.

Before we started dating I really prayed it and had God’s approval but this discovery is too much for me.

He is still on the mountain fasting and prayer. He pastored a church in Russia but was arrested and deported in 2017 and since then he always complains that he has lost his passion for the work of God.
What should I do?

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He Cheated On Me!

He Cheated On Me!

My husband cheated on me with someone I know while I was 8th month pregnant. She even attended our wedding, I was so pained because I never thought he could cheat on me. I trusted him totally that I didn’t suspect, he told me he was going to school, meanwhile he didn’t head straight to school, he met with the lady in the guest house his office provides.

I didn’t even suspect him at all when I got to know, I was only checking his phone one morning, when my eyes just went to this chats with the lady. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my dad cos we are very close, he asked me to confront him but never let him know he’s aware

I couldn’t even tell my mom then, because I did not want her to hate him.
I confronted him, he denied at first, but eventually he confessed. He begged me not to tell anybody not even my family, I didn’t bother telling him I already did.

He said I pushed him out, he was always begging me for sex and i didn’t allow him ( sir, I was very sick during my pregnancy and my hubby was aware, in fact I didn’t enjoy the pregnancy for a single day, the idea of sex didn’t appeal to me at all, but despite that I didn’t deny him of sex all through, just when I was nauseated)

Anyways, after the confrontation, I expected that my husband would be sober and be very sorry for his actions. But he wasn’t, he was always aggressive towards me, my mother-in-law came to take care of our baby after I put to bed, one day we had a disagreement, then my hubby started telling her about my shortcomings, I was pushed to tell her.

But to my dismay my mother-in-law said my hubby was not wrong, that what is the big deal, “has he brought the woman in question home, that even if my parents hear they won’t do anything.” I was so shocked that someone who I felt would reprimand her son, but she was even giving him the go ahead right in my presence

Sir, I am tired of it all. I can’t seem to forgive my husband, each time I remember the incidence, my hatred for him would just be aroused. I really don’t know what to do that’s why I’ve decided to voice it out. To make matters worse, my husband doesn’t even sleep with me anymore, I had to practically beg him to come back to the room because his excuse was our baby cries during the night and he has to go to work and she disturbs him.

Our baby doesn’t cry during the night again, he now sleeps off in the sitting room while watching TV. But sometimes comes to the room.
Sir, if I don’t touch my husband, he won’t touch me, I’ve complained to him twice, the first time he said I pushed the instinct out of him.
The second time he said who said he must instigate it first.
I even told my mum, she said I should not beg him again that I’m not a prostitute. Please, members of KHC, advise me.

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