Steps into Purpose

Steps into Purpose

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Message taught by Rev. Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

To fulfill purpose there are steps we have to take and steps we have to avoid from taking if we have to fulfill purpose

Psalm 119:133 – order my steps in your word

1. Your steps into purpose are ordered in the word of God

The word of God is extremely important in the discovery of purpose for your life.
Psalm 119:116
The word of God can keep you firm and keep you on the path of destiny.
When God is the one ordering your steps they will be established.
Psalm 32:8

2. Right living is required for the fulfillment of your purpose, you cannot live carelessly, and you have to be deliberate.

Living and running away from sin and compromise has something to do with your purpose
Psalm 19:13
God will order your steps and your stops, there are things you are supposed to do, and there are some things that you are not supposed to do. God will order them.
You cannot fulfil purpose in your strength, you are going to need God all the way.
Romans 6:12-14
Joseph and Samson are standard examples of how iniquity can stop purpose and how deciding for God and saying no to iniquity can get you into the place of destiny.
Genesis 39:1
Every time you are on the path of purpose, iniquity, temptations, traps will come after you. The devil has an idea of your greatness (he is not omniscient, he just has experience).

The devil knows that fulfilling your purpose will advance God’s kingdom and that is what the devil does not want.
A reason people give for falling into the traps of the enemy is “what do I have to lose”
What you have to lose is not what you see now, but your future.
The more intense your trials are the more glorious your future is.

Learn to say NO because responsibilities in life will not be given you beyond your personal discipline.
You have to learn to stand your ground in life. Joseph refused to go to bed with Potiphar’s wife.
There are times that it looks like you lost when you are standing for God. Nobody looses in God.

There is no where you find yourself that God can’t take you out of it.
When you are trying to live right and you get punished for it, know that in God it is not a punishment but a set up for the place of destiny and purpose.
When you stand for God you are assured of victory.

3. Steps talk of process

Your first step is very important and each step you take means you are closer to your destination.

Shouts of Grace Center

4. There are distractions to purpose – one major distraction of purpose is the word strife.

Strife hinders your prayers.
In fulfilling purpose you have to deal with people, people can stop you from fulfilling purpose (an example is Moses and the children of Israel).
You have to be careful about people
Most of the wrong steps you have taken in life are because of people – Wrong friends.

It is dangerous to listen to people on the same level with you, they will advise you based on what they know which is limited. This is why it is important to have a mentor.

Your relationship with people has to be from a spiritual point otherwise you will move from one offence to another and the goal is to frustrate your purpose.
The enemy sits down to strategize; you need to understand that nothing just happens.
Strife is so dangerous that it can scatter a church if allowed.

1 Samuel 16:14-19:23
14 – David behave himself “wisely”. He didn’t react based on what King Saul did.
It’s not everything that you try to avenge – Make sure you are done with revenge mentality
Romans 12:19 – God is saying don’t revenge, let me handle it
When someone does something terrible to you it is a set up from the devil to cause you to lose your joy.
When you feel slighted or cheated, the devil wants you to open the door for strife, learn to be adaptable and adjustable. Avoid strife as much as you can

There are two doors to strife

a. The door of our lips – your words, what you say

James 3:6-8
A careless or wrongly placed word out of your mouth can cause strife.
Watch what you say.
Proverbs 12:18.
Strife is not a sin you sin alone, don’t let someone make you a refuse dump

b. The door of pride

Proverbs 13:10
Obadiah 1:3 – Pride deceives
James 3:16
Philippians 2:3

5. Embrace your days of insignificance

We all have a glorious destiny
Learn never to despise your first steps, as little and insignificant those first steps are they are ordered.
The ordering of steps does not begin at the height of success.
Don’t despise beginning steps, David had to lead the sheep before he could lead the nation.

God does not start people from the top, it is only the grave that starts from the top is the grave
The best way to lead is to first become a follower, become humble.
Be humble, don’t be proud. Without humility you cannot be lifted.
Purpose is powerful.
2 Corinthians 4:17
Whatever you are going through you need to have the right attitude, it should not get you depressed.
Every lady must know how to perceive purpose if not she will go for the superficial.
James 1:2


  1. I will fulfill purpose, I will not be distracted.
  2. Father, show me great and mighty things about my life and destiny and purpose

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The Supernatural

The Supernatural

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, Wednesday, 13th March 2019

The supernatural should be natural to us; it should be our life style because we are spirits.

When you constantly fill yourself with the word of God, with faith, you will experience the supernatural.

The supernatural is supposed to be part of our everyday life.

It will not just come by wishing, it will come by paying the price – spending time with God.

As you spend time with God, His power will rub on you and be part of your life.

Whatever you see, watch, hear and concentrate on is what will dominate your life.

If you want to see God’s power in your life you have to pay the price.

God is looking for vessels through whom his power will flow. He wants to use everyday people, not just pastors.

You don’t need to be a pastor to operate in God’s power, you just need to have faith, believe and trust.

God’s anointing is not abstract, it is tangible. It is a touch of faith that draws virtue

Clothing materials can store God’s power.

Don’t let the devil keep you busy doing nothing, be sensitive so you know when the devil sends distractions your way. Jesus was tempted at all points but He didn’t fall, because His mind was made up.

Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan
Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

God is not looking for perfect people, He is looking for yielded people, You can yield to the Holy Spirit and won’t have to fall again, A man will keep falling when he depends on his/her own strength.

When you spend time in God, the Dunamis (inherent power) in you is activated. God is looking for people he can pour his power into, yielded people. This begins with cutting off negative influences in your life.

The devil doesn’t want us to get to the place of destiny and will throw distractions our way and try to take us away from God’s favour.We are not meant to live an ordinary live, people should notice something different about us.

Wednesday, 13th of March 2019
Topic: The Supernatural
Ministering: Pastor Dunamis Okunowo
Venue: Shouts of Grace Center

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Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life Part 2

Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life Part 2

A recap from last Sunday’s message

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, 10th March 2019

Seven Principles of Purpose
1. God is a God of purpose.
2. God created everything with a purpose.
3. Not every purpose is known.
4. Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable

Now to today’s message

5. To discover the purpose of something, never ask the creation, but ask the creator.

  • Jeremiah 33:3

6. We find purpose only in the mind of the Maker.

Our purpose is not found in the mind of our parents, they may be able to guide you, but your precise purpose is in the mind of your Maker.

Exodus 9:16

Not knowing purpose is a time and destiny waster because you are not focusing on what matters.

Your fulfillment and prosperity is in your purpose.

Finding out purpose doesn’t mean you just jump out and start, there must be a season of learning, you must be willing to learn from others that have done/are doing the things in line with your purpose.

If you are not the type that can stomach insults, you will not go far in life.

Elisha and Joshua had to learn from Elijah and Moses respectively. Humble yourself to learn.

Learn all you can learn

Your purpose is a personal discovery and you have to consciously walk that path. No one can discover it for you.

7. God’s purpose is the key to our fulfillment

Proverbs 19:21

It is what God has created you to do that will prevail.

Rev Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

How Do We Discover Purpose

1. What are your childhood dreams and desires.

2. What excites you or releases your passion.

Whatever your purpose requires is in you.

Having a sense of purpose makes you responsible.

It is only when you focus on purpose that you become responsible.

3. What do you do easily or naturally without stress.
Purpose is powerful

Be focused and give yourself self development.

It is only when you focus on purpose that you become responsible.

Rhythms of Grace, Shouts of Grace Center

4. Where do you bring forth fruit or produce result the most.

5. Inward witness.

This is the leading of the Holy Spirit from within you.

6. What do your friends see in you.

Ask sincere friends – You know a friend is sincere when he/she can confront you.

7. Do you have stubborn thoughts and dreams?

8. What will you commit your whole life to if money is not an issue.

9. What is it that if you make up your mind to do, people will rush to help you accomplish it.

10. What are your hidden dreams and desires

Sunday, 10th March 2019
Topic: Principles of Purpose Part 1
Ministering: Pastor Dunamis Okunowo
Venue: Shouts Of Grace Center

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Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life Part 1

Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life Part 1

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, 3rd March 2019

a) God is a God of purpose. Isaiah 46:10-11

He doesn’t create anything anyhow, everything he create has a purpose
Everything is predetermined.

Your environment, friends, siblings, family etc all have a purpose for being attached to you.

Stop envying someone who was born outside the country and identify with God’s purpose for your life

If a person who lives in a remote village without opportunity finds purpose he will become better and greater than someone in a city who has not found purpose. It’s not about environment first of all.

Change does not start outside, it starts inside, we have the grace and strength to alter our environment and not for our environment to influence us

Isaiah 46:10 – God declares the end from the beginning.
God had made the gift of Jesus available even before the first man came

SGC Flier, Shouts of Grace Center

(The lamb was slain from the foundation of the world)

Don’t leave your life to “FATE”, give your life to Jesus, identify with him and walk with Him, He will help you align to what he has written about your life in the volume of the books.

The more aligned you are to God’s purpose for your life, the more prosperous you will be.

God’s is very detailed; He has carved out a purpose for you even before your parents ever met.

Vs 11 – If you cooperate with God, He will do what He has purposed in your life.

b) God created everything with a purpose.

Everything you see around you, humans, animals e.t.c. was created with a purpose

Proverbs 16:4
You are not here by mistake.

c) Not every purpose is known to us.

Most people don’t know their purpose, some think they know, but they don’t

Ephesians 1:17 – our understanding has eyes and Apostle Paul was praying that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened that we may know the hope of his calling i.e. that is we might discover purpose
Philippians 3:12 – He says there is a progressive revelation of the purpose of God for your life.

The purpose of God that you know might just be a timely little aspect of your purpose for this season, so you need to keep discovering.
Jeremiah 1:5

God has planned out everything, and sometimes you think you know it, but you don’t have an idea. This is why you have to keep on being with God.

God will never reveal all of your purpose to you at once. This is because it will scare you; you might not believe it and you might not go back to God again if you know everything about your purpose.

God will reveal a little bit of your purpose that you need for that specific time. He will also show you the end of it.

Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

HE shows us the end, so that the discouragements we might face now will not discourage us eg like Joseph his dreams of his brothers bowing served as an encouragement even when his brothers sold him. Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before Him (Hebrews 12:2).

Don’t put pressure on anybody, put your pressure on God, when your time comes, like Joseph nobody will forget you.

When it got to the chapter of Joseph’s life that he should be a prime minister, he was remembered.

Always live ready, so that opportunity can meet with preparation.
Every time you pray in the Holy Ghost you are living ready, keep on praying, keep on fasting. Joseph didn’t first go and pray when they called him to come and interpret the dream.

d) Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.
If you know the purpose of God for your life, there are some sins you will quit forever.

This is why we have to find out purpose.

Samson unlike Joseph did not understand God’s purpose for his life, that was why he kept following women.

The course you studied may or may not have anything to do with your purpose.

Your purpose is your major source of income. It is where your prosperity lies.

Find out your purpose and develop yourself

It is through your purpose that your name will go all over the world – I will make your name great, this happens through your purpose

Lord, I want to discover my purpose, I want to find out why I am here.

Sunday, 3rd March 2019
Topic: Principles of Purpose Part 1
Ministering: Pastor Dunamis Okunowo
Venue: Shouts Of Grace Center

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