Climbing On The Shoulders Of Those Ahead

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It was already getting dark and the dark clouds were pregnant. Mr and Mrs Lawrence told Anderson not to bother going home but to sleep over for the night.

Anderson: No sir, no ma…I have to leave now. There’s an urgent business I have to attend to on the morrow.

Mr Lawrence: But you are not familiar with this terrain. Besides when it rains, as it is about to soon, the roads become flooded and messy.

Anderson: You don’t understand sir. My colleagues will go ahead of me if I don’t get to work so I have to go.

So off he went. Oh my, it was a terrible experience. Anderson ran into a ditch he didn’t know was deep, as it was filled with rain water. The car got stuck and his head forcefully hit the wheel!

Thank God he was eventually rescued by some good people. He however spent the next 2 days in the hospital recuperating.

He lost the contract eventually.

Proverbs 11:14 & 15 (TLB) Without wise leadership, a nation is in trouble; but with good counselors there is safety.
Be sure you know a person well before you vouch for his credit! Better refuse than suffer later.

Sometimes we are like Anderson. God has given us the shoulders of people, in form of parents, mentors, teachers and pastors, to climb on. To a large extent, they also serve as spiritual covering.

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Man is not designed to do life alone and certainly not in the area of relationships. You need to be guided.

Note that the choice will eventually be yours, as no one is obligated to force you.

But why take 10 days to achieve something when it could have been done in a day?

Why be heartbroken first before you learn the matters of the heart?

They say experience is the best teacher. They are right. But who says it has to be your own experience? It could be the experience of someone who has treaded that part before you.

When you have the privilege to have insight into a particular area, don’t take it for granted.

Now I am not talking about people who clearly have credibility issues o. Don’t go stand on a fractured shoulder o. The fall will be worse than Humpty’s own!

Be surrounded by people who have integrity. Let the word of God be their standard. Let them be people who will tell you the truth no matter what. And be willing to take to corrections.

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement.

If you have to go through a particular process, please do with all joy.

You will eventually gain time even when it feels like you are far behind.

It is true you listen to the Holy spirit and you hear directly from the throne of heaven, but hey, sometimes you will be required to listen to God in the voice of men.

Be discerning!

The Holy Spirit will ultimately help you to sieve out advises that are not valuable to you.

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CONFESSION FOR THE DAY: I listen to godly counsel

PRAYER FOR THE DAY: The Holy spirit is my number one guide

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Are you all-knowing?

ACTION PLAN FOR THE DAY: Make amends where you have shunned honest corrections.


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