Healthy Spray Mop

Healthy Spray Mop

Healthy Spray Mop is the ultimate assistant for easy, efficient and quick cleaning of the floor or parquet. Does not leave any marks.

There is no need to fill a bucket, bend over, or dirty your hands. The mop rotates around almost any angle and easily, you can navigate with it under the furniture, behind the toilets, and anywhere hard to reach with a standard wiper.

The mop does not rust. The handle attaches a plastic container to the water and a cleaning liquid (containing 600 ml), the handle (the spray handle located next to the handle, which makes the work easier), and the squeegee splashes a small amount of material on the floor before the wiper and the microfiber cloth thoroughly cleans the floor or The microfiber cloth is known for its ability to capture all types of dirt, and the microfiber cloth can be easily removed and washed by hand or washed in the machine.

Key features
Specially developed for Ceramic tiles.
Varnished wooden floors and tile floor
Use any liquid to clean the floor


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