Dear Pastor, I Always Have Issues With My Spouse

Dear Pastor, I Always Have Issues With My Spouse

Angela and David are having another round of their incessant fights and this time around, things blew out of proportion.
This couple were such a beauty to behold at the early years of their marriage. Hand in hand and full of smiles, they go out each day and their marriage was so peaceful.

Suddenly, they realised they could no longer get along well. Their fights are unending and the whole place is constantly filled with the noise of their arguments. This is usually followed by exchange of words which is mostly insulting and degrading.

Angela could not take it anymore and sought for a way to get through with this. She longed for an answer. Her husband, David was fed up too. Not quite long, they got the answer they wanted by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Disagreements abound in marriage considering the two people involved and issues that cause disagreements can not be totally eradicated in marriage.

Bearing in mind that arguments can lead to either a constructive or destructive end, they can be managed to a very large extent if the atmosphere is intentionally set right.

How do we set the right atmosphere for a constructive argument?

1. Choose to use the right words.
Words are powerful. Words have the ability to make or mar situations. They can either build or destroy what has already been built.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:21 KJV)

What words comes out of your mouth when you argue with your spouse? Do you speak right. A nursery rhyme comes to mind that says,

“If I speak right and you speak right, we’ll make the world a better place…”
Choose to use the right words. Anything you will say that you will later regret, refrain yourself from saying it.

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How can you train yourself to speak the right words?

a. Be careful not to be hasty with words. Think twice before you talk.

b. Occupy your mind with edifying words by meditating consistently on the Word of God.
c. Surround yourself with the right people
d. Invest in books that talks about self-control.

We will conclude on this topic tomorrow.

Remain blessed.

My marriage is like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. (Isaiah 58:11)

Father, I ask for grace to be able to tackle issues in my marriage without leaving scars (Amen)

You have not won an argument in marriage if it will make your partner feel hurt.

Did your previous argument leave your spouse feeling worse than they were initially?
If yes, apologize for your wrong choice of words and/or your insensitivity to his/her feelings today.

Proverbs 13

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Mrs Oluwatoyin Ogunbameru

Oluwatoyin is a wife, teacher and a lover of God. She loves to see people living their lives in the most amazing way, thereby becoming useful to one another.

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