Dear Pastor, Let Your Wife Pray For You Before Ministering

Yes, you are the man of God.

Yes, you are the one God called.

Yes, you are the head of the house.

However, she is your helper.

Genesis 2:18 (AMPC)
Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.

That is a strong role.

We all know the Holy Spirit is our helper as well.

Do you realize no other individual is referred to as the helper in the whole of scripture aside from your wife?

Well, then, it tells me that you have been configured in such a way to need that help!

Let her be your help and not your hell!

A wife can help you in what God has called you to do and can also help up you in what the devil wants.

Job’s wife re-echoed the devil’s words in exactitude to her husband, “Curse God and die!”

A wife can help build a ministry by taking care of the man of God and can also “help” in ruining it by frustrating the man.

Stay together.

Stay faithful to each other.

Dear Pastor’s wife, forgive quickly, get over pettiness and build what God has given you together!

Be wise.

Allow him to concentrate as he goes and minister. Don’t try to “show” him where ministering is concerned. It’s a sacred area. Don’t dance where angels fear to tread!

Dear Pastor, make it easy for her. Don’t indulge in silent treatment. It’s okay to play and laugh loud!

Do not open the door for the devil.

As you go to minister this morning, tell her to pray for you from her heart.

You will see the difference.

She may not even be called into ministry.

It makes no difference.

As we go to minister this Sunday morning, God will go with us.

Heaven will respond to us!

Be blessed in Jesus name!

In today’s service God will be glorified. God will speak, He will touch His people. There will be miracles. We open up ourselves and the people to the supernatural power of God. There is utterance in Jesus name.

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