Dear Pastors, Being On The Same Page Is Crucial

As pastors, and as a couple, agreement with each other is crucial.

You must be on the same page with your spouse as Pastors.

If you are not, you will limit yourselves in many areas and even possibly short circuit God’ power in your ministry.

And this is what the devil wants.

Amos 3:3 (MSG) Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren’t going to the same place?

The Pastor cannot be going North while the Pastor’s wife is headed South.

The conflict and confusion will be massive.

And this will limit both of them.

Close the door on the devil.

What could be responsible for this unspoken disagreement?

Get to the root of it prayerfully and ask God to help you in Jesus name.

Both of you have to renew your commitment and love for each other and ask God to help you.

One of the key ingredient needed here is sincerity.

Be sincere. With yourself, with your mentors and with God.

If you are not sincere with yourself, you will never see anything wrong even when it is obvious.

If you are not sincere with your mentors, they cannot help you. Non of their counsels will work.

If you are not sincere with God, you cannot be helped. God looks into the heart all the time.

May God grant you more understanding.

I am sincere. I am in agreement with my spouse. I am blessed.

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