Dear, Will You Be Patriotic To Me?

Bode picks up his phone to call Sally.

Bode: Dear, how are you this morning?

Sally: I am fine, and you?

Bode: I am good, just that I am missing you

Sally: You don’t know more than that.

Bode: May I never know more than that. You are the only brain in my skull

Sally: Uhmmm

Bode: I am serious. I have just been thinking of you.

Sally: You better go and think about Jesus.

Bode: Yes, and you.

Sally: Who are you voting for this morning?

Bode: I don’t even know. Will our vote count?

Sally: Whichever way, but who are you voting for?

Bode: I am not voting. My PVC is in Benue state where I served.

Sally: Ha! seriously? That is not being patriotic at all.

Bode: You have started. Somebody cannot forget PVC abi?

Sally: So, why didn’t you go for it since?

Bode: It’s far now.

Sally: Upon all your arguments on Facebook about politics, No PVC!

Bode: Let’s leave this topic.

Sally: I am not leaving this topic. If you are not patriotic to your nation, how will you be patriotic to me?

Bode: Ha Sally now? It’s like you just want to fight me this morning.

Sally: Not voting shows irresponsibility.

Bode: What has this got to do with our love now?

Sally: Plenty! It means you just have mouth, no action.

Bode: Now, I will not take that. What is the meaning of that nonsense?

Sally: Oh, someone cannot correct you now, and you’ve started abusing me.

Bode: Sorry, but watch your mouth.

Sally: No PVC!

Bode: Thanks, Sister INEC

Sally: Welcome, Brother We want change but no PVC

Bode: Please, it’s enough. Who are you voting for, my patriotic sister? And where is that your polling booth so that I can come and meet you there. Let’s do some “lovinto” there.

Sally: Lovinto ko, Lollypop ni. My PVC is in Kogi State jor

Bode: Ha! Can you imagine.

Sally: Imagine what?

Bode: Chai! Kettle calling pot black.

Sally: Yes now, if it electric kettle nko?

Bode: Ha! Monkey abusing baboon that it’s not walking straight!

Sally: Who is Monkey now?

Bode: Ha! I am not sure of your commitment to this our courtship

Sally: How do you mean?

Bode: You have no PVC!

Sally: Don’t turn this thing around, you are the man.

Bode: But sincerely, is this generation serious at all?

Sally: Most people are not voting and yet complaining.

Bode: Including us!

Sally: Seriously, we need to repent. It’s not good at all.

Bode: But, let me be sure, do you still love me?

Sally: I am thinking

Bode: I promise to be patriotic from now on, to be involved and to ensure you do the same.

Sally: Now you are talking.

Bode: So can we meet at polling booth?

Sally: No way! No PVC, No love talks! Bye, I need to cook for the house…

Bode: Wait.. emmm

I am responsible

Pray that God will open the heavens over Nigeria

1 Timothy 2:1-2 (KJV) I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; [2] For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

If you have your PVC (Nigerians) Go and Vote

1 Tim 2

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