Decisions A Man Should Make For A Blissful Home

Life is all about decisions.
You decided to read this devotional. You decided to put on the dress you are putting on. You decided to eat or skip breakfast.
The decisions of yesterday are responsible for your situation today.
So also in marriage, as a man, you need to make certain decisions and I’ll be highlighting few of them this morning.

1. Decide to be homely.

Men should learn to enjoy the comfort of their home and family. Something is wrong somewhere if you enjoy staying out of your home than inside.

Play with the kids. Play with your wife. Help out in the kitchen. These seemingly insignificant things help to create a bond in the home.

2. Decide to listen to your wife.

Averagely, women talk more than men. They are expressive by nature. They are emotional while men are logical.

This means men have a lot of listening to do. Not just listening, emphatic listening. This entails giving her your full attention, not listening to her and working on your tab or laptop at the same time.

3. Decide to be available emotionally.

Women are emotional. Men need to understand this. Yes, the money is important, but much more than that, she needs you to connect with her on an emotional level. Truth is if you don’t fill up that emotional space, somebody else else will do.

That’s why you find women end up having affairs with their drivers, cooks, colleagues, or anybody available. Ensure you fill up the emotional tank of your wife.

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4. Decide not to plant negative seeds in your wife.

Women are multipliers by nature. Give her ingredients, you have food. Give her sperm, you have a baby. In the same way, if you plant negative words into her, she will give you frustration in the eventuality.
So watch the kinds of seed you are planting into your wife and home.

5. Decide to provide spiritual leadership.

The mark of a man is not in making babies. It is in providing leadership. That was why when man fell, God questioned Adam first. Had he taken responsibility for his actions, the story would have been different.

Decide to give leadership to your home. It starts with your relationship with God.

There are more, but I’ll stop here this morning.
Your home is blessed.

CONFESSION FOR THE DAY. I am the best husband in the world.

PRAYER FOR THE DAY. Lord, teach me by your Spirit to be a wise husband in Jesus name!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. 1 Corinthians 7:3 AMP – The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights (goodwill, kindness, and what is due her as his wife), and likewise the wife to her husband.

ACTION PLAN FOR THE DAY. Start making yourself more available at home


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