Disloyalty In Marriage

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This sounds like a ministry word or a word used in the secular.
It’s a word usually used in describing the role of a subordinate to the boss.

It’s expected of a subordinate to be 100% loyal to his boss. Disloyalty leads to betrayal and we have to watch it.

We have to constantly check our heart and be sure our heart does not switch off or shift from being loyal to being disloyal to our spouse.

Who should be loyal between the husband and the wife? I think in marriage both husbands and wives should be loyal to one another. But because the wife occupies the position of helpmate, I think the wife should be more loyal in the home setting.

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The husband could be likened to the boss and the head. You give total and absolute attention to your boss in the office and run with his vision or else you are risking losing the job and playing with your salary.

In marriage, God is the ultimate boss (CEO) who pays our salaries by rewarding us with good health, sound mind and peace in our homes. The husband is the MD whose direction must be followed.

It is improper for a wife to allow herself to be distracted from her duty post. Every job has it’s own uniqueness and work ethics. There are things required of you when you work in the bank that may not be necessary when you work with another establishment.

Disloyalty in marriage is when you compare your spouse with another.
Disloyalty in marriage is when you prefer another spouse to your own.
Disloyalty in marriage is when you don’t face your front and run your race.
Disloyalty in marriage is when you judge your spouse.
Disloyalty in marriage is when you desire what your spouse can not afford.
Disloyalty in marriage is when you are not patient with your spouse along the pattern and timing of his/her destiny.
Disloyalty is when you want things to happen in your own timing and in your own way.
Disloyalty is when you are not together with your spouse spirit, soul and body.
Disloyalty is when you speak evil of your spouse.

God help us to be loyal 100% to our spouse.

God bless our marriage.

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I understand what it means to be loyal to my spouse

Lord help me to remain loyal to my spouse

1Co 13:7 CEV
Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting.

Decide not to work against the unity of your marriage.

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