Do you Love me?

Bukky and Tunde have been in a relationship for over 4 years , Yet Bukky is not sure if Tunde Loves her.

Why, because there are somethings he does, that makes her wonder if he really loves her.

He doesn’t call often, she does the Calling most times, and says he’s busy.

He doesn’t like taking her out or better still ashamed of her being with him.

To the extent that, she was calling him one day and noticed how he ignored the call while he wasn’t doing anything.

Yet, he claims to Love her.

Ladies, please if you notice these signs around you, don’t be fooled. It takes two to be in a relationship.

Like Pastor Dunamis would say; How can he not call you for a month, and you still think you are in a relationship?

Be Wise !

Bible says
Mat 7:16 KJV Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

They come in sheep’s clothing , but are wolves inside, giving you all those sweet and sugar coated words.

If not careful, want to tear you apart.
They begin to demand for Jeru trip, and after that, that’s the end of the relationship.

Don’t be caught in that web.

Not everybody that professes their love to you, is who you should accept.
Study to know who he really is.

How is this possible?.

Go to the Father of Love.
He would give you somebody that would Love, cherish and respect you in the relationship.

Look at what he said in
Mat 7:11 KJV If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

How much more would he give you, when you ask of him?
He would give you that Perfect man/woman.

You just only need to trust him.
If you are a child of God, God will make everything work together for your good.

He is our father, and he hears us when we Pray.

Don’t give up!

I refuse to give up on God.

Father, help me identify that person for me.

God is Love.

Disengage from any hurtful relationship

Matthew 7

  • Dunmoye Olamide says:

    I refuse to give up on God. Amen

  • Babalola Omorinade says:

    I refuse to give up on God

  • Boluwatife says:

    I refuse to give up on God

  • Gina says:

    Father, today I pray for that right someone for me…

  • John Oluwawalemi says:

    Father, help me to identify that person for me

  • Oluwakemi Yetunde Taiwo says:

    I will not give up on God

  • Sylvester Obinna says:

    I trust God to give me the best.

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I refuse to give up on God

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