Don’t Cross That Line

Don’t Cross That Line

Sola had been in a relationship with sister Tope for some months and he felt all was going well. They were both believers and after hearing many teachings on the parameters of a godly relationship, they made a resolution to hold their fruit and never compromise.

The first months were exciting and Sola always looked forward to hearing the voice of his beloved, bought her gifts regularly and took her out when he could. They went for church and gospel programs together and he felt they were doing just fine.

But lately, he noticed that sister Tope didn’t sound enthusiastic as she used to before. She started not replying to his chats and messages, when he asked, she would say she forgot to reply to them or was busy.

He became worried. He asked a mutual female friend to help him find out what was going on. She came back and said his beloved felt he was becoming boring and was not being romantic.

He was puzzled. We talk all the time, I buy her gifts and take her out. What else does she want? He asked if there was anything he wasn’t doing properly and she said he should be more proactive, at least you can hug her and peck her from time to time, don’t be too spiritual brother Sola!

Brother Sola thought about it and said well, it’s just hugging, and there is nothing harmful with a peck.

Soon the hugs became long-lasting hugs and the pecks changed to holy kisses!

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In relationships, we are to keep the excitement and keep ourselves from dropping our fruits. There are lines that we mustn’t cross however thin they appear because our God is not a God that compromises and manages, we are either hot or cold.

Rev 3:16
So then because of thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth

Many of us will say what’s wrong with giving holy kisses and long hugs, my brother these are lines we should never cross. Once crossed, you begin to progress and go farther and before you know it, you have dropped your fruit.

Once you begin to indulge in such, you defile your temple with corrupt thoughts and acts, our bodies belong to God we must never forget that.

1cor 6:19
What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

He might say you are too uptight and Miss. “spiricoco” and she might say all you know to do is how to speak in tongues…my brother and sister, let them call you names. It’s better to love God than love vain things. Trust me it worth the wait and the name-calling.

I will not cross that thin line

Lord, help me stay on the right side of that thin line

Lord, my body is your temple for all days and nights.

I will consciously be on the correct side of the line

1cor 6

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