Don’t Marry When You Cannot See This Ingredient

Don’t Marry When You Cannot See This Ingredient

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If you really truly want to get married to a person, the one thing you should look out for, and I mean really look out for is TRUST.

Seriously, don’t get married to someone you really cannot trust because you cannot be with a person 24/7 simply because you are in a relationship with them.

You cannot also be all over their lives, snooping on all, and I mean ALL of their activities either offline or online. That will be just impossible.

The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and sanity is to get married to a person you can trust. And TRUST is not just something you hand over to people on a platter of gold. It is something that is earned.

Even in our relationship with God, God places importance on TRUSTING Him because He knows that our relationship with Him cannot work if we don’t trust Him.

And we can trust Him because He has proven Himself TRUSTWORTHY by sacrificing Himself on the cross for our sake (John 3:16). His track record is trustworthy-filled.
I believe this issue of trust is one of the reasons why we often hear people say it is better if friendship comes before relationship.

When there is true and sincere friendship, you would be able to tell if your friend is trustworthy or not. Trustworthiness is not by saying, “I am trustworthy”. It is by the actions.

I know of a particular lady who was in a relationship with this guy. The guy could not be sane around women. Everything in skirt looked really attractive to him, and he always had an inclination towards flirting with ladies. It was his hobby. This made the relationship really ugly for the lady.

She was always wondering where he was, who he was with and what exactly he was saying or doing at every point in time. She would always ask Him, “Who was that you were speaking with over the phone a while ago?”

It made her uncomfortable and really really jealous whenever she saw him with another lady. She was always all over his phone; secretly checking his messages both Whatsapp and text messages just to know which lady he had been chatting with and texting.

Well, as you can imagine, the relationship didn’t last because TRUST was missing.

You know, God would not have us live our entire lives not trusting the person we will eventually get married to.

This is why the first step toward making sure you don’t get into a relationship with someone who is not trustworthy is by TRUSTING a TRUSTWORTHY God to bring you a TRUSTWORTHY partner.

If you are in a relationship with a person who would always have you recheck your time to see if his or her “good morning” is actually “good morning”, then maybe you ought to reconsider your choice because you really don’t want to be stuck forever with someone who would always have you recheck every single thing he or she says.

Finally, before I drop this “mic”, you have to be a TRUSTWORTHY person too before looking out for TRUST in your relationship.

May the Lord help us in Jesus name, Amen.

I am a trustworthy man or woman in the name of Jesus.

Lord, help me to be trustworthy by your spirit in the name of Jesus.

Am I a trustworthy person?

Make a decision to be a trustworthy partner today.

Prov 3

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Oshams Ebinum

I am Oshams, writer, blogger, soon-to-be author and Word-Lover.

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