Five Areas You Need to Work At As Couples – Part 2

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Yesterday, we looked at three out of the five areas we need to work at as couples.
We make improvement with our lives because we have capacity to do and be more than it presently is.
We need to grow so we can accomplish more and become more fulfilled in life especially our marital life.

The areas we looked at yesterday were
1. Physically
2. Emotionally
3. Financially

And today we continue on the same topic.

4. Spiritually

As a couple, we should grow together in the Lord. Our spiritual growth is of utmost importance and we should take it as such. Even Jesus Christ grew and waxed strong in spirit as recorded in Lk 1:80.

You need to strive at growing spiritually first on a personal level. Some husbands are of the opinion that their wives are supposed to grow more than they and be their intercessor.

They go around and commit all manners of sins and expect the prayers of their wives to cover them.
This is not right. Every husband should be the head of his family in every ramifications.

We grow together spiritually when we are able to hear, walk and work with God on the same frequency as couples. Not that God is asking your husband to do a particular thing and you don’t have the slightest clue because you are still a babe in Christ.

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We grow spiritually when we give attention to the things of God. Daily study of the Bible, prayers, meditations of God’s word etc all sums up to our spiritual growth. Let couples be seen serving God together. It’s such a blessing when husbands and wives hold hands to pray and wreck havoc to the kingdom of darkness together.

As a new year is approaching, we should make it our priority to serve and know God more. Let us give time to seeking and searching for the Lord. Wisdom is the principal thing we have to seek for before anything.


Our mental health is so important and we need to pay attention to it. Why we need to aim at these development as a Couple is that if we don’t grow together, we will not be able to relate well to our spouse on the same level. We have mental capabilities that are yet untapped and we need to explore this aspect of our lives.

Our mental capacity is our ability to think well and process events well. It is the creative part of us. It is also our intellectual capacity. For some couples, the husband has furthered his educational and developed his mental capacity while the wife remained at the School certificate level.

We should as couples grow together and be on the same mental level so we can discuss issues together without the fear of losing our spouse in the discussion. The wife or husband should stop feeling intimidated whenever one spouse is discussing intelligently with other people of opposite sex.
We should be able to engage our spouse mentally. Mental development is essential especially since men are logical.

We can develop our mental capacity by going back to school (if need be), taking online courses, engaging in brain stimulating events, learning new skills, reading news and other intellectual pieces, being current through reading and learning. Don’t be rigid and old school, learn new things and new ways of doing things.

The world has gone digital, don’t be analog in your mind. Don’t become obsolete or you will laid aside by your contemporaries.

Let’s work on these aspects of our lives. It has effects even on our marriages.

God bless our marriage

I develop every aspect of my life, because Jesus died for every aspect of it.

Lord, help me to give attention to every area of my life.

Lk 1:80
And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel

Start developing these areas of your life.

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