Five Areas You Should Work On As Couples

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As couples, you should be making progress and learning to become better. Hence, there are 5 areas that I would like to discuss today.

1. Physically
By this I mean paying attention to not only our physical appearance but how we use and manage our body. We need to take care of our physical vessel if we want it to serve us better. Wives should encourage their husbands to eat healthy and vice versa.

Healthy habits should be our life style. Exercises should be done at least 3 times weekly. Eating fruits and veggies, adequate rest, take vitamins and take a lot of water.

Don’t just drive your body, take care of it.

2. Emotionally
Most couples are not developed or matured emotionally. That is why they respond to issues in an emotionally immature manner. Some even cry as adults.

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Anger tantrums, shouting and yelling are all immature responses to issues. Some couples can not respond intelligently to simple suggestions, questions or opinion of their partners. They process other people’s opinion as criticism and cannot laugh over issues.

As a couple, learn to have a healthy relationship with each other.
Communicate intelligently and don’t cry. Allow God to mature you emotionally.

3. Financially
You may have a great job and earn in millions but know that God wants us to be financially matured. The way we honor God with our money is by sowing. We increase financially by being a blessing to others around you.

Let’s learn to fulfill all the areas of giving, which are
° giving to parents,
° giving to the poor,
° giving to your pastors,
° giving into kingdom works to mention a few.

When you are a giver and as a couple you practice this, God promises that His blessing that we cannot purchase with money will rest upon our home, health, children and the works of our hands. There will be no destruction or disaster coming nigh our dwelling place. We will be protected and our seed will be remembered by God.

We will continue tomorrow by Gods Grace

God bless our marriages

I will take care of my body

Father, help me to be emotionally matured.

Proverbs 10:22 (KJV) The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Work on the above steps.

Ps 1

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