Five Things That Makes A Happy Couple – Part 2

We started yesterday, looking at this interesting topic.

We looked at
1. Accept your spouse and never attempt to change him/her.

Today, we will be concluding and looking at the other points.

If one has be to happy, one must make up ones mind that no matter what, I must keep my joy in place.

Some marriages are very problematic and requires extra efforts to stay happy.

All in all, every marriage has it own peculiar problem and each one has to do certain things just to stay and remain happy.

So let’s start.

2. Be contented with whatever you have per time

1Ti 6:6 KJV
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Bible says there is great gain in being content, with being godly.
Why? Because with your godliness, your situation will eventually change for the better.

You may start out with your spouse from not enough, not being able to afford the basic necessities of life, just hold on the Lord. Most of the great men of God you see today had stories of humble beginnings.

Be content with your husband or wife’s temperament. Know that her weaknesses are good for you because the other temperament you admire so much, also has a weakness you will never be able to cope with.

3. Find a reason to laugh every day

No matter what life throws at you, laugh. I know it easier said than done, but life has to be approached by doing what has to be done, whether it is convenient or not.

A good hearty laugh is a healthy medicine.

Pro 17:22 KJV
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

4. Be grateful and thankful that you have a family

One of the things that keeip anyone happy is having a grateful attitude.
The truth of the matter is that you will have more things to thank God for than you can ever imagine.
Take time out to be thankful for yourself, your spouse and all the so called ‘little victories’ you have.

Be grateful for each day. The gift of life, for the air you breathe and all the things we so take for granted.

5. Forgive your spouse easily

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person that offended you die. This will never happen. The effect of the poison will always be on the one who drank the poison.

Learn to forgive easily and quickly. Don’t forgive and then hold your spouse in strife and malice, not talking to him or her again.
Marriage is for two great forgivers.

When you forgive you are lighter in your spirit and happier because you can have a free flow of the spirit and then you enjoy the joy of salvation.
Wisdom, understanding and peace can also access your spirit when you are void of unforgiveness.

Do these five things and you will see that you are a more happy person. Not that your situation will change immediately, but you will have peace with your self.

God bless your marriage.

I am a happy person and I’m full of life

Lord, help me to embrace those things that make me truly happy.

My happiness is my responsibility, not any one else

Do these things above

Pro 17

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  • Abiqueenyemisi says:

    Not yet married but it blessed me. Thanks you ma’am. More grace !

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