Five Timely Commandments For Singles

Dear singles, you should know that there is a difference between being in a relationship and being married.

There are certain things you shouldn’t be involved in and I’ll love to remind us about them.

1. Thou shall not sleep over at Bae/Boo house.

You shouldn’t sleep over at each others house because you don’t want to give room to the devil through Jeru trap. Don’t invite what you don’t want into your midst. It is better to protect your destiny.
Don’t excite those hormones yet, they are not ready to be unleashed.

Pro 6:27
Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?

Don’t get burned.
If you indeed love him or her, you would protect him/her.

2. Thou shall not give thyself the wifely role when he has not made thee one.

You wash his clothes everyday.
You clean his home everyday.
You practically live in his house.
Ideally, there is nothing bad in helping out because you love him. It should come natural.
Love wants to give but when you turn it to an habitual event, he takes you for granted.
You lose your value and respect.

Even if the love is so strong in your heart, keep it together.
Ladies, learn to do small “shakara” now. Eventually you would get to do all these things even better in marriage.

3. Thou shall keep relationship with thy in-laws formal and mutual.

You are not yet married into that home, so be careful because you are being watched.
Comport yourself very well. Don’t be overly excited.
Don’t be loud and loose.
Keep your dignity and present yourself as normal as you can be.
When there is need to help, offer your help
Be friendly and nice.

4. Thou shall not test the waters.

There shouldn’t be a wanting to see how it feels like. Caressing, kissing, touching, and all forms of unholy acts should not be hears of.

Do not be involved in it.

1Th 5:22 KJV
Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Abstain FROM ALL appearances….
Whether little or great, abstain.
Trying to taste what is not yet yours before it is yours is sin in itself. Please avoid it.

5. Thou shall not be too adamant about things.

Don’t force your will on your partner. It doesn’t always have to be your way.
Be flexible.
Love is about accepting things and willingness to adapt. There would be many things you would still see that you might need to adapt to.
When you are flexible, your spouse would enjoy you the more.

I pray these few words of advice would bless you greatly.

I will keep myself.

Father, keep me at all times.

Why lose your destiny over 5mins of pleasure?

Desist from all forms of fornication.

Prov 6.

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