Forty Years To Find A Spouse?

Forty Years To Find A Spouse?

Some time last week, we discussed the topic ‘Capacity to love and be loved’ where we saw how God routed the Israelites through the wilderness, which was a longer way, when taking them to their promised land, instead of leading them in a 40-day journey through the land of the Philistines.

And the simple reason was because they lacked CAPACITY.

Today, we pick up the story from there.

So the Israelites are in the wilderness now. And we see them spending 40 years in that wilderness before getting to their promised land!

Imagine if it took you 40years to find your promised spouse? You can’t imagine it right?

But that’s exactly the picture here! It took the Israelites 40years to get to their promised land, a journey that would have taken 40days!

No, that wasn’t normal! The wilderness route was definitely longer than 40days, but definitely shorter than 40years too!

Question now is “What extended their time in the wilderness?”

Let’s see.

The wilderness is meant to be a place where God meets you, trains and equips you for what is to come, and then releases you when He has certified you.

So, in the wilderness, God showed up to train the Israelites. He revealed Himself to the them. He showed the Israelites His strength. He led them via a fiery pillar of cloud covering and lifting from the tabernacle. He rained manna from above. Then He sent quail. And lots more.

The Israelites witnessed God’s glory and signs (Numbers 14:12), but unfortunately, they weren’t learning the lessons. They didn’t ponder on the things they were seeing to understand them.

They didn’t put them in their heart to remember them. And so their faith in God didn’t grow. They had a track record for that! [I hope you don’t have that track record?]

“Our fathers in Egypt did not understand Your wonders; They did not remember the multitude of Your mercies, But rebelled by the sea—the Red Sea.” Psalms 106:7 NKJV

And so when the test of faith came, they failed. When it was time to show faith in God, which would have launched them into their promised land immediately, unbelief was revealed instead!

It happened when they were already at the verge of the Promised Land. 12 spies were sent to survey the land. 10 came back with reports of “We cannot take that land! We were like grasshoppers in the eyes of the occupants of the land.”

And the people believed the report of the 10!

This revealed they had not built capacity still! That they had not learnt the lessons of the wilderness. So the Israelites failed their lesson on faith! And God had to wait for the unbelieving generation to pass away, and that took 40years!

So their inability to learn the lessons of the wilderness, revealed by their lack of faith in God (in His Word and His Promise), cost the Israelites extra years!

Dear friend, The earlier you accept the wilderness, and take on the lessons of the wilderness, the earlier you are likely to emerge into your promised land.

Take your time of singleness as your wilderness experience.

Don’t grumble there. Don’t murmur there.

Don’t grow restless and restive there.

Don’t become paranoid there.

Don’t get angry at God.

Instead be careful to learn all the lessons God is bringing your way. Lessons of faith and exploits, of faithfulness and fidelity, of patience and longsuffering, of submission and love, of giving and spending. Allow God deal with your anger issue.

And as God is dealing with you, also know that He is dealing with your spouse. And I bet you don’t want to receive a spouse that has not completed his/her lessons with God.

So be at peace in the wilderness.

Learn there.

Build capacity.

Finally, don’t falter at the promise of God through unbelief!

Has God said it? Then believe it!

Trust God for whatever He has promised… it will come to pass.

I pray for you: You will not falter at the verge of your promised land (your breakthrough) because of unbelief!

I am at peace in my wilderness… I learn all my lessons.

Pray in the spirit.”Lord, teach me Your ways, even in my singlehood.”

Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. Hebrews 4:11 KJV

Think of the areas you know God is dealing with in your life, and be more deliberate in yielding to Him in that area.

Numbers 13-14

Ogbonnaya Akpoke

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    God said it, I believe it.

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      I am at peace in my wilderness. .. I learn all my lessons

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    I learn all the lessons that God is bringing my way

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    Lord teach me your ways even in my singlehood in Jesus name. Amen
    Thank you sir for the word

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      I’m at peace in my wilderness, I learn all my lessons

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    I learn all my lessons

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