Getting Ready For Who God Is Ready To Give You

Getting Ready For Who God Is Ready To Give You

It’s amazing that many people who are obviously not ready financially and emotionally for relationships are so eager to enter into one.
Some might have even prayed, some might have even spiced their prayers with fasting, but I must be sincere with you, God, because of his love will not give you more than you can handle.

God has used people around you to point out that you have issues with nagging, and you refuse to deal with it. Yet, you want him to let the brother come speedily? It won’t work.

My brother, you have issues with anger, or you are stingy, your close friends and family members have told you about it, but you refuse to change and you want God to enlighten your eyes so that you can see the sister? I’m afraid that eyes will be sealed shut.

God will not give you what you cannot handle. I’m sure we remember the parable of the talents. Our impartial Jehovah gave one five, the other two and the last person one.

Matthew 25:15, ERV
He decided how much each servant would be ABLE TO CARE FOR. The man gave one servant five bags of money. He gave another servant two bags. And he gave a third servant one bag. Then he left.

We see the master entrusting to them what they could CARE FOR. If you cannot care for bae or boo, I must be sincere with you, God will not give you, no matter how you cry in prayers.
So when it seems no brother is coming, or you can’t see the sister, this is not the time to start casting and binding the devil. It is a time and season to work on ourselves.

Am I saying our prayers are not important or are not working? No!
Our prayers still do a lot, especially when we pray in the Holy Ghost; God’s power begins to work in us, preparing us and building capacity in us so we can handle that what God has in store for us.

Praying in the Holy Ghost helps us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and because the Holy Spirit is our teacher and friend, he will reveal to us areas we need to work on and develop.

Building capacity is not limited to just praying. There are other things we need to do:

1. How we read and study determines how capacity is built in us: The bible says “study to show yourself approved unto God…” The first and most important thing to do is to read, study and meditate on God’s word.
Read other materials from “Trusted Authors”

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In Relationship and marriage, finances play a very important and crucial role, get books on finances.
Learn about love languages, learn about temperaments.

2. The people we surround ourselves with also matters: scriptures say “as iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friends” Who are those closest to you? Selah

3. Having Mentors, and people we look up to will also build capacity in us: There is no better person to learn from than those who have passed through, or experienced what we will experience.

Do you have a mentor? Who do you talk to? Who do you seek advice from? Don’t die in silence, reach out to mentors so you can learn from their wealth of experience. Selah!!

It is important to note that in the period of building capacity, we are sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit.

We will stop here this morning; I pray God grants us more understanding.

Have a blessed week.

By the help of God’s Spirit, I am getting better, I am financially stable, I am emotionally mature, I grow spiritually, God works in me to be a great wife/husband.

Spirit of the living God, make me teachable in the season of capacity building.

He gave to each one according to his ability: to one he gave five thousand gold coins, to another he gave two thousand, and to another he gave one thousand. Then he left on his trip. (Matthew 25:15, GNB)

Prayerfully make workable plans to develop yourself

Proverbs 1 – 7

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  1. Jesupelumi

    Spirit of the living God, make me teachable in the area of capacity building

  2. Sylvester Obinna

    My relationship is working. I am yielded to the Holy spirit.

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