Give No Place To The Devil – Part 2

Last time we considered how serious we must take the possibilities of not giving place to the devil, particularly in our marriages as the devil’s full time Job is to look out for whom to devour as the Bible says

1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Our adversary is the devil and he will not mind to devour any man or woman who is caught off guard and to this we must be aware and alive to close up any access point for the devil in our lives and ultimately in our marriages.

This morning we shall consider some more ways by which we can keep the devil out of our marriages.

4. By Not Refusing To Admit Quickly Whenever We Were Wrong Too

In a clear bid not to give room to the devil, an important thing we must do as husband or wife is to be quick to admit to our faults when we are in the wrong. It is better to identify our own faults and not put the blame of failure on our spouse like Adam in the garden of Eden.

5. When We Refuse To Say, “i’m Sorry” When We Are Wrong

Acknowledging that we are wrong is a sign of maturity in a marriage but apologizing for our wrong is a way to lock the devil out of our marital relationships

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1 Co 14:20  Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

Saying sorry genuinely is a way to rid ourselves of roots of what could cause malice when we hurt or offend ourselves. But another twist to this is that even when your spouse is the one in the wrong, you can say sorry to help them to say sorry when they are wrong.

I learnt this from my wife as she is quick to say sorry even when I am the one in the wrong. Her saying sorry make me realize quickly I have to apologize for my mistakes to her.

6. By Laying Down Our “rights” For Our Partners Sake

Holding on to our rights always can be a pathway for the devil into our marital relationships. That feeling of monopoly of been annoyed when we are offended is a way for the devil to fill our hearts with thoughts of vendetta on our spouse.

“She/he said that to me yesterday it is not bad or out of place if I do this to him/her today”.

We cannot say we are walking in love when we brazenly hold on to our rights. Sir/Ma, you have to let go of your rights sometimes to make that your marriage work and quickly get out of that hurtful corner. Do not let the devil get you into the corner by holding on to your right to be annoyed or vexed when you are wronged by your spouse.

7. By Stopping To Judge Our Spouse For All Our Grievances

This is another way which the devil can sneak in on us when we consider every grievance we have with our marriage to be caused by our spouse. I have heard couples say to each other “My Husband/Wife is just the problem in this marriage” “my spouse is the one that always go over my path, I am just a careful person”.

When we find ourselves with such attitude, then we are stylishly granting access to the devil to seal up all avenue of change that God must have opened for us to be better in our marriages.

The devil will have no place in our homes in Jesus name, Amen

The Love of God prevails in my marriage

I resist every move of the devil in and to access my marriage in Jesus name.

You need to be aware of ways the devil might be trying to access your home

Chose to constantly shut the devil out of your home

Ecclesiastics Chapter 7

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