God Will Not Stop Doing My Children Good

Jer 32:40 (Amp)
And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will not turn away from following them to do them good, and I will put My [reverential] fear in their hearts, so that they will not depart from Me. [Jer. 31:31-34.]

This is a promise to give us rest over our children. You know I once had fears over my children turning right and becoming good. I soon realized that no amount of worry can make them turn right. God ensured they turned right.

It is important for us parents to serve God sincerely and know that there is a system in God to reward our children. So, you love God and adhere to Him.

God says He will not turn from following our children, to do them good. Declare this as you put your trust in God for your children. God will do all my children good in Jesus name.

  • Pastor Sophia says:

    Parents, especially mothers, join me as we pray over our children.

    Its the only divine influence we have over their destiny and future.

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