God Will Take Care Of My Children

Isa 66:11 MSG
You newborns can satisfy yourselves at her nurturing breasts. Yes, delight yourselves and drink your fill at her ample bosom.”

Isa 66:12
GOD’s Message: “I’ll pour robust well-being into her like a river, the glory of nations like a river in flood. You’ll nurse at her breasts, nestle in her bosom, and be bounced on her knees’.
‘Nurturing breasts’.

What a description of God’s breasts. To even say that God has breasts is so comforting. And to think of these promises are promises you can claim for your children is such a blessing

Believe it , declare it and claim it over your children:
God will take care of my children. They shall be nurtured at God’s breasts. They will nestle in His bosom and be bounced on His knees.

What loving care.

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