Guy, You Really Need Help

Guy, You Really Need Help

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Ade: Oh boy, how na? (Greeting his friend)

Bayo: I dey o (I am fine).

Ade: Please can I get some cash from you? Like 10K?

Bayo: Ahah! What do you need such an amount for?

Ade: I will return it by next weekend.

Bayo: You still haven’t answered my question.

Ade: Well…errm…actually… Jecy baby will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday, so…

Bayo: (excited)wow, you’ve finally decided to be serious with this babe. Thank God o.

Ade: For where? All na strategy (not at all, it’s all a disguise). She has spent so much on me, so I want to play along for her birthday. Her father is rich ehn!

Bayo: (with a confused look) Ok…so what exactly do you intend doing with the money?

Ade: (clears throat) Actually, I plan to buy her nice lingerie, take it to her place in the evening, then tell her to wear it, to know if it’s her size, then you know, from there, we can…. (Laughs mischievously)

Bayo: (Feeling irritated) But Ade, why are you like this? What is your problem? I have lost count of the number of girls you have slept with in the last 3 months. Are you a goat? You are not even scared of contracting a disease or something.

Ade: Baba, calm down joor (take it cool) you chose to be a pastor, I didn’t. (Getting angry) Are you giving me the money or not?

Bayo: I am not a pastor; I don’t even want to become one. I am just saying…

Ade: Guy, leave this matter na, on top 10k? (Forget about the issue. Was it because I asked you for 10k?)

Bayo: At 29, you haven’t found a direction for your life. You still feel the measure of your manliness is by the number of ladies you have “conquered”. The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:5…

Ade: …Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations KJV. Or should I give you the amplified rendition? You have quoted this verse to me so much that I wonder if that’s the only verse you know in the Bible.

Bayo: Do you know what differentiated Samson and Joseph? Samson…

Ade: …compromised and he died. Joseph refused to compromise and he became the Prime minister. I know all these things.

Bayo: (sighs deeply) what baffles me is how you manage to get these girls and you are not even handsome.

Ade: (raising his voice) and what baffles me is how an ordinary request of 10k naira gave birth to all these “sermons on the mount”. Haba!

Bayo: (calmly) Ade, you know you can’t continue like this. God’s love is still available. This is a new year. Don’t you think you need help?
You know deep down within you that this is not the kind of life you want, more still, this is not the kind of life God wants for you. Think about it Ade. You are not getting any younger. At every point of compromise, there is an exchange. You know all these things Ade, you know.

Ade: (soberly) I think I need help really. Managing just one lady is hard work. Sometimes I spend hours strategizing, so as not to get caught by any of these girls. I remember the day Sarah almost caught me and Annabel…chai. Honestly, I don dey tire for this kind life o (I am getting tired of this kind of lifestyle).

Bayo: (places his hands on his shoulder) it’s your call Ade. You have to retrace your steps back to your father and walk into His loving arms. He won’t condemn you. No matter how far gone you think you are.

Ade: Thank you my man, your kind is rare.

Bayo: We all have our past lives. We only choose to forget it. By the way, how is your Saturday like?
Ade: (checks his phone) I actually fixed an appointment with Bimpe, but I’m canceling it right away.

Bayo: Good! You will follow me to KHC Senior Singles Hangout.

Ade: ehnehn? Which one is that again?

Bayo: it’s a get together organized for those of us who are 25years and above. We’ll be discussing about “How to handle your waiting period”. Also, you will get to meet with other singles, play games, bond with people, have a question and answer segment with our facilitators.

Ade: Sounds interesting. How about those who cant make it down that day?

Bayo: We will updating on our social media handles.
Ade: If you give me that 10k, I go show!

Bayo: Come first.. and we’ll see if you still want the 10k afterwards….
Ade: Guy…

To learn more about KHC Senior Singles Hangout, Go Here

I am wise!

Lord, deliver me from self deceit.

Isa 1:18 KJV Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Create ample time to talk to your loving Father.

Luke 9:1-17

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    Lord, deliver me from self deceit.
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