Guys, That Nonsense Must Stop

Guys, That Nonsense Must Stop

Yes I said we would be addressing the guys some time soon.

Blob was preparing to go for evening service at fellowship while his friend Trey seemed glued to his phone.

Blob: Only God knows what you have been looking at in that phone since morning. You better dress up fast and let’s go for prayer meeting (grinning) You know Grace and that girl of yours will be around.

Trey: Guy I am trying to cover up my tracks o. Janet almost caught me off guard today!

Blob: Really? How come?

Trey: Well while I was still trying to apologize for forgetting her mum’s birthday… Not even her own o… can you imagine?, Barber…sorry…Trisha kept ringing my phone

Blob: Blood of God! Why didn’t you cut the call na? Plus I thought you were not supposed to meet Trisha today

Trey: Oh boy, apparently I had promised her a date and here I was stuck with Janet. When Janet saw that I wasn’t giving her maximum attention, she picked up my phone wondering why my ‘barber’ was calling repeatedly but Trisha on the other hand ended the call upon hearing a female’s voice!

Blob: Wow! That is serious o. You see this is why I keep telling you that church girls are easiest to keep. They just want ‘spiritual’ guys that will be attending church with them. Why do you think I have been consistent with church attendance these days? See time has gone. When I return, we will see how to go about your own problem. Right now my own problem is to get to church before Grace!

Galatians 6:7 (MSG) says Don’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest.

Blob and Trey should know that relationship cannot be sustained on the foundation of deception. Like Pastor Dunamis would say, the highest form of deception is self deception.

Attending church, being punctual in church and even joining all the units in church does not make you known by God. You cannot want the best of God without willing to be committed to Him. Oh no, He is a just God who knows how to give good gifts to His children!

I hear guys say ‘well it’s not my fault the girls are all over me’… Maybe that is true but do you know that God is expecting some form of responsibility from you at least?

Every man is a protector by nature. You are supposed to be some sort of reinforcement to those within the sphere of your influence at least. Being a gentleman is not old fashioned. It is God fashioned! Ladies should be safe around you. You are supposed to be a responsible head and not a headache. You should catch the fish and not fry the fish!

LUKE 12:48 (AMP) says For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more.

Be your brother’s keeper and your sister’s keeper too. Don’t mess with people’s emotions and ‘feel good’ about it. Don’t say you don’t care that a lady can be all messed up by another and all you do is have a good laugh about it.

Ko funny rara!

God has made you the head, please be a good head. Fatherhood is an office that is attained. It is more than just giving birth to children. You can be 18, yet a father.

Now I am not saying you start looking for ladies everywhere to be doing rescue mission for… nah! Wisdom is profitable to direct! As you don’t want your own destiny to be fried in the process.

But at least be responsible for the one that crosses your path. Don’t be the reason a lady will say ‘all guys are wicked or cheats or liars’. Rather be the reason she will say ‘there are still handsome and anointed men, there are still men who will say no to compromise or there are still men who will be good fathers to our children’!

I choose to be the man God has called me to be.

Lord, help me to be an extension of your kingdom in this perverse world.

Are you representing the Father well in your own little capacity?

Henceforth I see myself in the light of whom God sees me

1st John 2

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Jesupelumi Olley

Jesus baby: His beloved: Battle axe of the Father #thegospelistheonlytruth

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  1. Sylvester Obinna

    Deep truth there.
    More wisdom dear.

  2. Oluwakemi taiwo

    Very well said ma, more annoiting.

  3. Oni Elizabeth

    God bless you ma….Lord help me to be an extension of your kingdom in this perverse world

  4. John

    I choose to be.the man God has.called me to be

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