Hey Bae, Thank Your Stars For Someone Like Me

We started looking at symptoms of a man that will not likely marry you.

Yesterday, we looked at the secret cult syndrome. When he strongly refuses to make the status of relationship known, there are skeletons in the cupboard.

This morning, we are looking at another man you should be careful about.

He is the cocky boo.

The proud somebody!

The high and lofty husband-to-be.

The head of the house that is yet to begin!

The one you are not married to and yet demands more respect from you than your dad does!

His esteem is weak, but deals with it with a frontal and manipulative approach.

He tells you you should thank your stars for meeting a person like him.
Usually, he has a good job and some money and he uses that money to control you.

And sometimes, in a twist of events, he doesn’t even have money, but has a big mouth!

You are the one feeding him and yet he makes you feel like a fool most times.

He demands for jeru trip like it’s his birth right.

He can even take it to the next level and ostracize you from your pastors and mentors, just as to be in control of your life and to prevent you from their wisdom.

And a lot of ladies have foolishly bitten the fingers that fed them because of “love.” It would usually take a few months or even years to be free from such grips, unless you seek help quickly.

He refuses to verbalize his commitment and yet won’t let you go.

He is not in that relationship for the long haul.

The day he sees a another person he can latch on with additional benefits, he is going to leave you.

He is always emphasizing your weaknesses in other to make you feel more unworthy of yourself.

He wants you to always see it as he is doing you a favour while in reality, it is the other way round.

If you end up ever marrying a person like this, the marriage will be troubled.

Don’t hang around a man that keeps belittling you all the time, making you feel less a woman and always comparing you with others.

Don’t turn yourself into a house maid, washing clothes, doing dishes all in the bid of becoming a wife.

Too many wonderful glorious ladies have washed too many clothes for nothing at the end.

Times they should have used praying, practicing God’s presence, studying

God’s word, building their careers are spent doing housemaid things!

You don’t become a dry cleaner in your bid to become a wife.

My dear ladies, love yourselves. Have a good self esteem. Build God confidence into yourselves. You are created in God’s image, and God has man for you! That will love you and love God!

I pray that God will bless you and give you direction in Jesus name..

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Confession of the day
My relationship is blessed

Prayer for the day
Lord, deliver me from emotional traps

Thoughts of the day
Proverbs 15:26 (KJV)  The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD: but the words of the pure are pleasant words.

Action plan
Disconnect from every manipulative relationships

Bible reading
Colossians 2

Pastor Dunamis Okunowo:
I am taking a personal journey with singles, waiting singles for 28 days! It is a comprehensive spiritual exercise including partial fasting, meditation, confession, dangerous prayers, character adjustment, deliverance, book reading, workbook sessions, one on one mentoring, and so many things. You can be a part of this from anywhere in the world. The goal is that by end of 28 Days, you are all set before God for a marital breakthrough! So many people are testifying already! Use button below to learn more.

  • Adejoke says:

    My relationship is blessed. Amen

  • Dunmoye Olamide says:

    My relationship is blessed. Amen

  • Boluwatife says:

    my relationship is blessed. Amen

  • Olajumoke says:

    My relationship is blessed

  • John Oluwawalemi says:

    My relationship is blessed in the name of Jesus

  • Gina says:

    I receive the grace for a glorious relationship…

  • Oluwakemi Yetunde Taiwo says:

    My relationship is blessed in Jesus name. Thanks sir

  • Sylvester Obinna says:

    Lord, deliver me from emotional traps.

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