Hey, Something Can Actually Happen!

Hey, Something Can Actually Happen!

Can something happen?

I hope you are not getting tired or bored already. We are still learning from the Potiphars and Uncle Joe.

So many people; believers, have cut short their lives because of what I am writing on today.

Some relationships have been broken because of it.Some found themselves in this situation, but didn’t manage it well.

What situation am I talking about?I call it “the nothing can happen syndrome”Believe me, it’s a bad place to be.

Let me give you few instances;You have a guy constantly asking you for jeru trip, yet you willingly invite him over or go to his place, because “nothing can happen”

You have no feelings for her, yet you constantly do the ‘cooler ministry’ since “nothing can happen”

Let me hang out with my friends today at the pub. Since I don’t drink, “nothing can happen”

You wear provocative dresses around him, but he is your lesson teacher, so “nothing can happen”

Every time he hugs you, you feel a bulge below his trouser, but since he is the prayer leader, “nothing can happen”

You chat with her everyday till midnight, but “nothing can happen” between you two.

I can go on and on, but I believe you understand what I mean now.

As a principle, learn to be accountable. Learn to always open up to at least one person. That is how to last in life.You should have someone you talk to when you notice a deviation around you.

It doesn’t mean you are being suspicious (even though everyone is a potential suspect…lol), you are simply taking precaution.

I know you trust the other party, but do you trust yourself?

Let me say this: you cannot really say you have gained mastery over certain sins and weaknesses if you haven’t been confronted with it.

Do you know why?The bible says your own heart can deceive you.In fact, see it in this version

Jeremiah 17:9 (NET) The human mind is more deceitful than anything else. It is incurably bad. Who can understand it?

Don’t wait till you get into a relationship before you learn this life saving principle…and if you are in a relationship learn to tell your partner every of your moves, especially as it regards the opposite gender.

You’ll discover that trust isn’t that difficult to build eventually.

So back to our main story;In Gen 39, Mrs Potiphar was constantly on his neck, but Uncle Joe never mentioned it to anyone…not even to any of his fellow servants in the house.

Do you know why?

I am Joseph, a Hebrew. I believe in God, I speak in tongues, therefore “nothing can happen”

Even though madam Potiphar is always on my neck, she is just wasting her time because “nothing can happen”

If she likes, let her keep asking for jeru trip 10 times a day, “nothing can happen”

No matter the advances she keeps making at me, “nothing can happen”

As long as ‘Oga’ likes me, “nothing can happen”

With his influence and the favor of God over him, he could have asked another guard to take his place, he could have asked Mr Potiphar to open a kiosk for his wife, he could have even prayed for or preached to Mrs Potiphar, but he kept enjoying the euphoria of being the most favored servant. That is how some of us waste the grace over the office or position we occupy.

Dear KHCites, never get to this position.

Nobody is immune against temptation.

Don’t give the devil a ride.

He will take over the drive!

I am more sensitive in my dealings with men. I take necessary precaution.

Lord, help me not to be wise in my own eyes.

1 Cor 10:12 KJV Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

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Gen 39

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    Lord, help me not be wise in my own eyes.

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    Hmm… Lord help me not to be wise in my own eyes

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