Honouring God With Your Relationship

Honouring God With Your Relationship

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This morning, I want to talk about honour. How you can honour God with your relationship. I am writing specifically to those who are engaged and about to get married, but those not in a relationship can still learn from it.

Like someone rightly said, ‘what God is asking you to do in marriage, He is already requiring of you in courtship’. This means that it is not until you get married that you start practising some principles that make marriage work.

Like I said, I’m focused on those who are already engaged and I’ll be highlighting one or two points for us to ponder on.

1. Principle of Giving

Heb 7:6 KJV But he whose descent is not counted from them received tithes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises.

There are many controversies about tithing and I’m not even ready to delve into it right now, so let’s just say giving generally…lol

We are used to honouring only people we know, who we are sure will note it and probably speak in our favour. How about those we don’t know?

What about the woman on the street who knows not you or your fiancé? What about the man in the bus who knows not you or your fiancée?

Abraham had the promise, but the blessing he needed to advance his life at that time was in the mouth of Melchizedek.
The blessing you need to change your status from engaged to married is in the mouth of someone who has gone ahead of you, not necessarily someone you know.

Hebrews 7:6 (NET) But Melchizedek who does not share their ancestry collected a tithe from Abraham and blessed the one who possessed the promise.

Melchizedek had the blessing, but he didn’t need the promise. Abraham had the promise and needed the blessing.

I want you to note this this morning that when you give to those ahead of you, you are not giving to them because they have need of your substance….no….you are giving to them because they have something you need. It could be a word, a prayer, an advise, a counsel, whatever.

Heb 7:7 (KJV) And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better.

Hebrews 7:7 (BBE) But there is no doubt that the less gets his blessing from the greater.

That neighbor of yours has been married for Eight years. Your courtship is just Four months old…there is something she knows that you don’t have an inclination about. When you make your sandwich tomorrow, take some to her and greet her.

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It won’t really cost you much to pay the cab fare of that man who you meet at the bus stop every morning, will it?

You can’t honour people genuinely and consistently and your relationship will remain the same.

2. Principle of Praying

Yes, pray for those who have gone ahead. Bro Zeru is getting married next week. Rather than stay aloof, asking yourself when he joined the church or how long they courted, why don’t you organize a 2-hour prayer meeting on WhatsApp towards his marriage? Gather 5,6,7 of you together and pray genuinely for his marriage.

It was when Job prayed for his friends that his fortune was restored. You don’t know if it’s when you pray for those ahead of you that your own Prince Arthur will come running to you.

There is this couple on your street who are always at loggerheads day in, day out. Why don’t you dedicate 10 minutes everyday to speak peace into their home? This one doesn’t need you involving anyone. From the comfort of your room, you can besiege the heavens on their behalf.

These are things you do that when you eventually get engaged and one issue wants to come up, God will just tell you ‘relax, I gat this one’

The principle behind these principles is that what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

Now, I’m not asking you to start giving to or praying for just anybody you see. There has to be discernment. If their lifestyle is in consonance with the scriptures and what you see in their marriage, you want reflected in yours, then honor them.

And do you know what? They don’t necessarily have to be Christians…yes, you can read that again. Principles work for those who practice it, regardless of those it was originally intended for.

There are a host of other principles but for want of time and space, I’ll stop here.

Remember, the lesser takes his blessing from the greater. Look around you for someone greater and decide to honour them.

It is my prayer that your courtship will translate into marriage.
You will not miss it martially.

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I will honour those above me.

Lord, give me discernment to know those who you have put my blessing in their mouth.

Heb 7: 6-7 (TPT)
6 But Melchizedek was not Abraham’s Jewish relative, and yet Abraham still paid him a tithe.– Melchizedek imparted a blessing on mighty Abraham, who had received the promises of God. 7 And no one could deny the fact that the one who has the power to impart a blessing is superior to the one who receives it.

Look around you for someone greater and decide to honour them.

Heb 7

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Sylvester Obinna

Drama minister. God lover. Relationship blogger. Pastor.

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  1. Sylvester Obinna

    Give me discernment Lord, open my eyes to those who have my blessing in their mouths.

  2. Elizabeth

    This is the first time I’ll be commenting on a devotional (I read 98% of the devotionals posted here), and I must say I’m beyond blessed!
    It’s not a conventional message/instruction one would receive, and I felt convicted while reading it.
    I’m sharing this with my significant other, andI look forward to practicing the two lessons taught.
    God bless the author.

    1. Sylvester Obinna

      Amen to the prayer. Glory to Jesus you were blessed reading. I however want to encourage you to always leave a comment. Others who read may pick something from your comment. More so, your comment will encourage the author…

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