How Can I Be Sure? – The Story Of Brenda

How Can I Be Sure? – The Story Of Brenda

Brenda shuddered at the thought of dying. Being woken up from sleep by an unknown gun man looked too dramatic to be true. 

What could have warranted that? As far as she was concerned, she had not offended anybody. 

The man looked at her with unrepentant blood shot eyes, reeking of alcohol. 

All her pleas fell on deaf ears. He declared, I am sent to kill you…

In the eBook, You will learn:
The Story of Brenda
Dunamis speaks to Brenda
Sophia Speaks to Brenda
How To Be Sure Of The One You Want To Marry
How To Know A Guy Who Loves You And Will Marry You
How Can I Be Sure I Will Eventually Get Married?
What Do You Look Out For In A Man?
How To Be Sure Your Wedding/Desire Is Done 

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