How To Avoid Burnouts In Marriage

How To Avoid Burnouts In Marriage

Adora is a lovely wife to Michael and the marriage is blessed with three adorable children. She works in a law firm and also a co-manager of their family business coupled with the fact that she’s a very active member of her church.

She retires to bed everyday super tired for obvious reasons. She needs to put her home together. She resumes to work daily by 8am and returns to face the family business at the close of work which sometimes involves going to church for midweek programmes.

All these took its own negative effect on her general outlook. Having gotten overwhelmed, she decided to take some important decisions to make her life easier and become more productive.

How do I replenish myself by being more productive and less overwhelmed?

1. Delegate duties.
A lot of men and women put too much on themselves, just like Adora, and this stresses them out so much.
Ask for help! The Proverbs 31 woman had helps (Prov. 31:15).

People are willing and ready to help if only you are ready to stretch out your hands for help.
Erase that idea that nobody can handle some certain aspects of your home like you will. Don’t put too much unnecessary pressure on yourself because you think you can do it all.

2. Take regular breaks.
Taking breaks from time to time allows you to refresh. Give yourself treats.
Don’t worry, your wife and children will not miss Daddy too much if you take a weekend away from them.

Your husband and children will stay fine if Mummy can go away by herself for some time.
They will even be happier at how more productive you are when you are back because the unnecessary nagging and stepping on toes will reduce when you come back.

You can also take breaks with your spouse without the children. When you’re stressed, it affects your love life also.
Lodge yourselves in a nice, not necessarily expensive, hotel. Enjoy the services of others also. Go for spa sessions, have a massage. Take long walks together.
Just take time to relax.

3. Understand that you do not have to be perfect.
No one is perfect. As much as you’re trying to be a better version of you, it is a gradual process. You will not get there in one day.
Why not make remarkable progress while enjoying the whole process!

4. Plan ahead and schedule activities.
Make sure you enter your day unrushed. Take some time just before bed or when you wake up in the morning to plan how you want your day to look like.
Schedule your activities according to their priority.
Don’t just live anyhow, be intentional about it.

5. Pray.
The place of prayer cannot be overemphasized. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit, that is one of His major assignments to us here on Earth. He is ever ready to assist you. Make Him your only option, not just the last resort.

Change environment!
Don’t stress yourself out!
You can only be productive when you’re at your best.
Stay blessed!

God is in the midst of me, I shall not be moved, God shall help me and that right early (Psalms 46:5)

I want to be my best at all times, therefore Lord, grant me the wisdom I need to do so in Jesus Name (Amen)

She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens (Proverbs 31:15)

Plan a weekend vacation with your spouse and work towards its actualization.

Psalms 46

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Mrs Oluwatoyin Ogunbameru

Oluwatoyin is a wife, teacher and a lover of God. She loves to see people living their lives in the most amazing way, thereby becoming useful to one another.

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