How To Break That Body For Your Lover

How To Break That Body For Your Lover

I believe you’ve bought that family-sized loaf of bread… even if it’s just once.

Now, did you dip the whole loaf at once into your cup of tea?
I doubt!

You broke the bread before eating.

So the loaf became useful only after it was BROKEN!

Now that’s in the physical. But it also applies in the spiritual realm.
Have you ever wondered why Jesus BROKE the bread before passing it to His disciples who then passed it to the multitude, and five loaves fed five thousand men, aside women and children? Matthew 14:19.

It was not just so the disciples could have the bread in small bits! It had a spiritual connotation.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus broke the bread, during the last supper, before giving it to His disciples, saying, “…this is My body which is BROKEN for you…”? 1 Corinthians 11:24.

Now you are thinking right?


Nothing ever attains usefulness without first being BROKEN.

No life ever fully serves God’s purpose without first being BROKEN.

Therefore to effectively serve the purpose of God in the life of your lover, you must be BROKEN for him/her.

And your being BROKEN must start from your season of singleness… not when you get married!

So while you wait for your lover, don’t just sit idly… get BROKEN for him/her.

It is only when you’re BROKEN that God can have access to your inward parts to work in you and make you suitable for that lover you’ve been praying about.

When you’re BROKEN, you have no hold over your life… self loses grip on you; every aspect of your life is presented to God.

Then God begins to touch and correct EVERY single detail of your life… He touches your pursuits, your ambitions, your career, your family and friends, your music taste, your relationship with people, your pride, your ego, your beauty, etc.

He is allowed into every single corner/room of your life!

And He is permitted to break… to mould… to retouch… to correct… till we are aligned to Him.

And the purpose is that we may be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Some days back, we talked about how to get your house ready for your lover.

But the truth is that it’s only when God has BROKEN you that your house can begin to take shape.

Brokenness means that your whole being is open before God for Him to deal with your life how He pleases.

When He touches your music folder, and says “delete all worldly songs”, you delete immediately.

When He steps into your gist life, and says “Stop this kind of gist”, you align immediately.

When He steps into your heart, and says “forgive that person that hurt you… let go”, you forgive and let go.

When you are broken before God, you are sensitive to His Spirit, and you are responsive to His Spirit.

You read the Scriptures and align your life to Him. You eat the bread of His Word and drink the wine of His Spirit…

…and it washes away everything that is not of God… those very things that will make living with bae/boo stressful.

You see that?

So get BROKEN for bae/boo.

I am yielded to be BROKEN for my lover.

Break me Lord… mould me Lord… fill me Lord… prepare me for my lover Lord.

It is only when you’re BROKEN that God can have access to your inward parts to work in you and make you suitable for that lover you’ve been praying about.

Spend some quality time praying the prayer for the day.

Matthew 16:24-28 AMP

Ogbonnaya Akpoke

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  1. Sylvester Obinna

    Break me Lord!
    Prepare me for my lover.

  2. Dunmoye Olamide

    Break me lord, mould me lord, fill me lord, prepare me for my lover lord.

  3. Prince

    Mould me to what you want me to be o lord… so I can give the best to my lover

  4. John Oluwawalemi

    Father, break me, mould me in the name of Jesus

  5. Grace

    break me lord and make me right for my lover

  6. Kaycee

    Break me Lord, mould me & fill me Lord. Prepare me for my lover & help us to fulfil each other’s purpose in life. AMEN!

  7. Jesupelumi

    I am yielded to be broken!

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