How To Care For Your Husband

How To Care For Your Husband

This topic is so vast, and like Apostle Paul said, ‘I don’t claim to understand every thing about the marriage institution’.
Even me, I am still learning.

Like Rev Funke Adejumo said, ‘There is a little boy inside every man that wants to come out and play’.
And guess what, you are his play mate.
You have to be ready to play as at when duty calls. I said duty because yes, it is your duty to play.

If every wife view being there for her husband as her DUTY, we will have less adultery in our marriages.
I am still improving myself and getting better.

Especially, with my temperament being a melancholy and phlegmatic.
For sanguines, they just have a natural flow of energy and excitement.
So if you are a sanguine, don’t waste that natural tendency to play, use it to make your marriage exciting.

For other serious temperament, do the extra work of consciously playing with your hubby.
You get enthusiastic about your husband and the energy will follow.

Do any sort of play with your hubby. Be creative about it because he wants to play and he likes it.
Plait your husband’s hair, after all he is your husband. (I plaited my hubby’s hair a few days ago.)

Play hide and seek. Be naughty but don’t be rude or unpleasant or savage!
Guys get easily pissed.

I would not have done justice to this topic if I didn’t mention “Jeru trip”. You sure know what that means by now.
Yes o. Give him it to him.
Don’t be boring in bed. Learn new styles and be creative.
But please don’t view porn sites in the bid to be creative.

In my husband’s voice “the singles that don’t even have the license for Jeru trip are exploring and “sinning” themselves away’, while married people who are licensed to Jeru trip are “forming!”

That is very true. There is no marriage in heaven. So do all you have to do to enjoy the husband of your youth.
Don’t spend your days quarreling and throwing tantrums.
Other ways you can take care of your husband is by cooking delicious meals for him.

There is a saying that the way into a man’s heart is through his tummy.
How true it is.
Don’t let your husband form the habit of visiting ‘mama put’. if he must, then go together.

Eat out but not every time.
Some people have lost their husband to strange women that way.
If you have a maid or a lady staying with you, ensure she doesn’t do all the cooking alone.

Serve your husband the food and sit with him while he eats.
All these, our mothers did in the olden days. And it is wisdom.
Another way to care for your hubby is to make the home very conducive for him.

Give him peace of mind. Let him know and enjoy coming home.
Know how and when to unburden things on him. Watch his mood.
Seek to entertain him. Seek to treat him like a king. Care for him by listening to him.

And let people learn from you how to respect their husband and treat him with honour.
Respect him. Honour above all else. Make him your priority. Let him be the boss.
Hide nothing from him.

Be open with communication and express yourself freely, you are one.
Don’t hide anything. Let him be reassured that you are his and no one is sharing you with him.
Men could be very insecure and egocentric.
What do you do?

Massage his ego. Give him first place in all things.
Even in food. If you have visitors, don’t serve the visitors and serve your husband last or forget to serve his food.
It looks trivial but to a man its a big issue. Its very disrespectful, even if it is his parents.

If you do all this at least you have tried in taking care of your husband.
Your husband is a gift from God.
I believe when we get to heaven God will ask you to give account how you treated His gift.
God bless your marriage.

Confession for the day
I honour my husband and treat him special in everything I do.

Prayer for the day
Lord, help me and teach me more how to take care of my hubby.

Thought of the day
My husband is God’s gift to me. I have to take care of him.

Action plan
Begin to take care of your husband.

Bible Reading
Matthew 6

Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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  1. Addey

    God bless you ma for this write up. Who takes care of the woman? What happens to the woman who drains herself emotionally to take care of the family yet gets no appreciation nor does the husband even notice she isn’t feeling fine until she can’t meet his needs?

    1. Abiodun

      Mummy! I’m so speaking in tongues right now… Delivery of this piece is Apt MA.. May God bless and keep you for Rev. and us ma

      1. Pastor Sophia

        LOL… Min. Biodun…Hmmm….
        Just ask Doyin to read and apply. God bless you.
        And Amen to your prayers.

    2. Pastor Sophia

      Very good questions o. Am writing about that tomorrow, ‘ Who takes care of the woman?’

      I am a woman too and I know how it feels. Lets wait till tomorrow.
      Thanks for your response. I love it when people give their feedbacks, thanks once again

  2. Abiodun

    Mummy! I’m so speaking in tongues right now… Delivery of this piece is Apt MA.. May God bless and keep you for Rev. and us ma

  3. Modupe

    Don’t you think it is insulting to a husband that his wife assumes that he wants to be treated like a child and acts accordingly?

    Would I be taking your words literally with my question?

    Can I take your advice literally or is there another way you might explain your use of the quote from Funke Adejumo?

    1. Pastor Sophia

      There’s a change of roles here, ( I thank you for the wise question).

      It takes wisdom to be able to see your husband as a leader, king and the boss and yet be able to know that the “boy” on the inside of him also wants to play.

      A wife is not meant to treat her husband as a child or mother him. She is to treat him with utmost respect and regard, Yet he wants to play like a child.

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