How to Differentiate Between Love and Lust

How to Differentiate Between Love and Lust

We live in a world where there are a lot of fakes.
Fake I.D cards…
Fake currencies…
Fake friends… people that are ever close, but talk you down behind you.

Fake clothes…
Fake phones… phones that are very fine/beautiful on the outside, but the inside is filled with eba/garri… hahaha…
Fake faces… (runs away… please that was a joke)

But the point is this:

With love too, there can be fakes!
And therefore there’s need to know how to accurately diagnose if what the next person is showing you is love or its fake, lust.

Have you ever being at the point where you seriously need to diagnose that person claiming to love you?

I mean…
The guy is so nice, but you want to know if this is real or fake!
The lady looks alluring, but is this true love or just one of those infatuation?

Now the way to diagnose love is pretty simple, yet requires work.

Have you ever studied how financial institutions train their workers to detect fake notes?

It’s quite simple.

They don’t keep showing them fake notes; they expose them adequately to the genuine, and they interact with it intensely… and once they are filled with the genuine, an alarm naturally goes off when any type of fake comes their way.

Now hold on.

There are two points I wish to bring to you on accurate love diagnosis.

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The first.
When you relate intimately with the True Love, Christ Jesus, you can be rest assured that you will know what true love is, and that no form of false love can scam you.

The second.
When you interact with the Spirit of God intensely and constantly, such that you become so experientially intermingled with Him, an alarm will always trip off whenever you come across a fake love.

Maybe you are expecting the LORD to come in a dream, like He did to Joseph, and warn you of the guy/babe…
Or to speak in a baritone voice from heaven, “My daughter my daughter… run for your life!”

But if your relationship with the Spirit of God is active, He most likely comes in a still small voice… in the depths of your heart.

That little voice that said “This is not it” immediately the guy took you on the first date.
That little prompting you had to take another route to work.
That nudging to call a friend.

Those are the movings of the Spirit.

So if you are experientially intermingled with the Spirit of God, His alarm will ALWAYS go off when the fake love gets into your path!

“If you love me, show it by doing what I’ve told you. I will talk to the Father, and he’ll provide you ANOTHER FRIEND so that you will ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU. This Friend is the Spirit of Truth…”
John 14:15-17 MSG

The Spirit of God is given to us as a Friend!
And what do friends do?
They talk!
So the Spirit of God will always bring you the truth, including warning you of fake love, and cheering you on in true love… if only you will give Him you.

To benefit from this Friend means that you have to pursue an active relationship with the Him!
It means you should stop being all religious on God, and get into a relationship with YAHWEH… get into a love affair with the Spirit of God.

He’s ever near… talk with Him… acknowledge His Presence always… tell Him how your day is going.
Study His Word.
Fast and spend time alone with Him.
Do the love thing!
He’s is already waiting at the door!

I am not deceived, for the Spirit of God is my partner.

LORD, bring me in… let our love affair grow boundlessly.

The Spirit of God is called the Spirit of truth; He desires to bring truth to you in your love life too.

Set up a plan for this month on how to grow your relationship with the Spirit of God.

John 14

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    The spirit of God is my partner

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    I’m blessed, thank you sir.
    I’m not deceived!

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