How To Get Your Prayers Answered

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

Sermon Taught By Rev. Dunamis Okunowo on Sunday 23rd of June 2019

  • Why is it that we pray for somethings according to God’s word and we don’t receive answers?
  • 1 Timothy 2:1 – 4 different kinds of prayers were mentioned here.
  • Supplication, Prayers, Intercession and giving of thanks.
  • An understanding of these 4 kinds of prayers will set you free in your prayer life.
  • The world of prayer is like the world of sports, there are different kinds of sports and they all play by different rules and the same is true with the world of prayer.
  • Praying the wrong kind of prayer in a situation is like trying to play football with basketball rules, it just won’t work.
  • Most times we mix up the different kinds of prayer together and as such we don’t receive answers

1. Supplication

  • It simply means petition. Specific requests must be made. It is a written petition.
  • Isaiah 43:26 – God is saying you have to remind him, plead your case, let Him know why I should do what you say I should do.
  • “Plead your case” typifies the context of a law court; The lawyer goes through the law of the land and bring out his points to convince the judge to take a certain decision.
  • God wants us to make our case. Supplication is a deliberate, well planned time of prayer.
  • In getting answers to our prayers, it is important we live disciplined lives, we can’t afford to be careless.
  • There is so much “gloriousness” about you that you can’t afford to live carelessly. Don’t rebel against God with your lifestyle.
  • Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • You are going somewhere and the devil does not want you to get there, you have to make up your mind because the devil has no power over you.
  • Be tough, be disciplined. There’s nothing natural and normal about always sleeping during the times of prayers.
  • The word for lawyer in scripture is advocate. The advocate/lawyer that helps us in the place of the prayers of supplication is the Holy Spirit.
  • An advocate is simply one who pleads the case of another in a court of law
  • John 14:16 (AMP)
  • The lawyer researches into the laws of the land and gets out reasons why the judge should decide in your favor.
  • The Holy Spirit plays the role of an advocate. Like a lawyer, He takes you into the scriptures, before you pray the Holy Spirit searches out the scriptures you need to go to God.
  • The prayer of supplication first involves deliberately sitting down to get scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is with these scriptures we go to God.
  • The very minute you make your supplication known God answers your prayers. There is a difference between the answer to your prayers and the manifestation of your prayers.
  • God can answer your prayers now, but the manifestation is not now. I can know that God answers my prayer now because of the integrity of the word.
  • Daniel 9:1-3
  • Without scriptures there can’t be prayer of supplication.
  • God cannot reject the prayer of supplication because the Holy Spirit searches out the mind of God and gives us scriptures we need to pray according to God’s will.
  • God does not respond to pity parties
  • Supplication is intelligently gathering the scriptures and bringing them to God
  • Daniel 10:12-13
  • After I offer my prayer of supplication what do I do? This takes us to the next point

2. Worship

  • 1 Timothy 2:1 – Prayer here talks about worship.
  • After supplication, one of the things we have to keep on doing is worship
  • Acts 13:2 – Worship is simply ministering unto the Lord.
  • When you do this the Holy Ghost will speak.

3. Intercession

  • Romans 8:26-28
  • The prayer of intercession is praying in the Holy Ghost
  • You need to keep praying while you are waiting for the manifestation to keep yourself in order so the devil does not distract you.
  • What the devil tries to do is to take your eyes away from the scriptures you used in the place of supplication.
  • Intercession is continuous; it is like the process of a mother hen incubating her eggs. The mother hen gets the answer to her prayers (“the eggs”) immediately but she gets the manifestation (“the eggs hatching”) after 21 days. If the hen is careless and does not sit on the eggs to incubate them, the answers will not be formed, it will be aborted.
  • Don’t be careless and undisciplined. The devil will want to get you to abort your prayers.
  • 1 Kings 18:41-45.
  • You keep on praying till you receive the answers to your prayers.
  • Jeremiah 17:11.

4. Giving of Thanks

  • This involves giving thanks for answered prayers.
  • Be articulate in the place of thanksgiving

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