How To Handle Conflicts In Marriage Part 2

How To Handle Conflicts In Marriage Part 2

So we started yesterday on the topic how to handle conflicts and we shall be concluding this morning.

I will like to bring our different personalities into this, because we also have to understand our different personalities.

There are some personalities that are prone to conflict. Some people have volatile anger, some count every simple thing and it is a big deal to them. Some are not just nice.

Some people are nicer to outsiders than their children and spouse. Some people pick quarrels on every little thing. Some people approach issues in ways that promote conflict. Others are more friendly and give their spouse allowance to be humans.

Like the analogy of killing a mosquito with a sledge hammer. We all kill mosquitoes, but our approaches are different. In the end, the mosquito dies but definitely the process of killing it is different

Some people just like killing mosquitoes with hammer not minding the effect it has on other people. They don’t just care and don’t bother. They lack people skill.

Let us be mindful of our approach in handling our spouse. Let us always put our selves in other people’s shoes.

Let’s look at others ways to handle conflicts in marriage

6. Be ready to forgive quickly
Your relationship with your spouse is more valuable and it should not be jeopardised. What prolonged conflict does is that it jeopardizes that powerful union.

You open the door for the enemy to steal, kill and destroy. There is clog in your wheel of progress. There will be no supernatural favor in your home when you don’t forgive easily and quickly.

7. Be quick to apologise
After every conflict, both husband and wife should talk things over, see where you over reacted. Never gloss over an issue. Never leave them swept under the carpet. Talk about them and apologise.

It always takes two to tango, so no matter what, in a healthy marriage the couples should apologise to eaxh other.

8. Find a way to deal with yourself
All it needs to nip conflict from becoming strife is essentially one person. If you will decide to be that one person then you are good.

Decide and make up your mind to be a peace maker in your marriage. Talk to yourself and be the one to forgive first.

9. Let nothing affect your Joy
The bible says to guide our hearts with ALL diligence for from it flow the issues of life.

You are to guard your heart and make sure nothing tampers with it. Peace and joy, self control and kindness, patience and goodness are some of the virtues that are in your heart.

Conflict and then strife will not let them develop and grow well. Remember the parable of the sower.

Do everything in your power not to let go of the virtues of your heart.

10. Always confess God’s word.
God’s word confessed out of our mouth is so powerful. It transforms.

So begin to confess that the eyes of your understanding is being enlightened. Confess you have strength in your inner mind.

Confess you forgive easily. Declare to yourself that you find forgiving a delightsome thing to do, and that the rewards of forgiving your spouse is accruing to your account.

I hope you find this few tips very helpful.

God bless our marriages.

Confession of the day
I find forgiving my spouse a delightsome thing to do. My relationships are good because I forgive.

Prayer for the day
Lord, help me to forgive just as you have forgiving me

Thoughts of the day
Forgiveness is a gift we give to others and we reap a rich reward for doing it.

Action plan
Start today, forgiving every hurt. Ku

Bible reading
Col 4

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Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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