How To Know If God Will Show Up For You

How To Know If God Will Show Up For You

I love the story of Lazarus. It draws a captivating picture of how the Lord shows up for his own at times when we think it’s over. The story is such a beautiful picture of hope and the awesome character of a God who ALWAYS shows up on time.

So Lazarus, Jesus’ friend, was ill and Jesus got notified of his illness. He got notified because it was expected that He was going to come, lay hands on Lazarus and get him all healed again. But Jesus didn’t do this.

Rather, He stayed where He was TWO whole days longer!! Two whole days! And I would have wondered if I was in Jesus’ circle at that time or probably said, “Lord, your friend is terminally ill and yet you decide to wait TWO whole days before going to see him. What a great friend you are.”

But the next words of Jesus in verse 4 of John 11 (NLT) showed why He waited for that long. Here is what He said,

“Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death. No, it happened for the glory of God so that the son of God will receive glory from this.”
John 11:4 (NLT)

Hmmm! Think about this!  Jesus’ statement was really profound. He said Lazarus’ illness wasn’t going to end in death. But yet, Lazarus died as we know it.

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See, Jesus knew Lazarus was going to die, but then again he knew that the story wasn’t going to END in death because at the RIGHT TIME, he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. He is the game changer. When Jesus shows up, He changes the entire narrative! How cool is this?

What does all this story show you? Right now, it may look like nothing is happening for you in the marital department, it might look like no one is showing up and you might have even started asking the Lord, “God, what exactly is going on? Why is nobody coming here? Why is nobody seeing me?”

This is just to encourage you today. It is not the time to act desperate and leech on every man or woman that crosses your path. It is the time to desperately trust in the Lord that will show up at the right time.

The Lord knows the end of your story. In the eyes of men, it might not look like things are ever going to work out for you. It might not seem like you will ever get married. Just hold on to the word of God. The Lord knows your entire story and he knows exactly when to show up. Besides, he writes the best LOVE stories ever!!

And that’s how you know He is going to show up. When all things appear to be dead, hopeless and stinking, that’s when you know He is DEFINITELY going to show up because HE needs to get the GLORY, He needs to RECEIVE THE GLORY. It’s all for HIS GLORY.

As I round off, just bear in mind that God makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecc. 3:11a). He has way too much integrity to SHOW UP LATE at the events of your life. 

And yes, the wait might be haaaaaard, you might even cryyyyy just like Mary and Martha cried. But at the end of day, you will smile, and laugh and cry hot tears of joy, and be like, “GOOOOOD!! Is this how you use to do?”

May the Lord grant more understanding in Jesus name, Amen!!

I have the grace to wait until God shows up for me martially.

Lord, give me the strength to wait upon you.

God makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecc. 3:11a). He has way too much integrity to SHOW UP LATE at the events of your life.

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Oshams Ebinum

I am Oshams, writer, blogger, soon-to-be author and Word-Lover.

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  1. Bamise Adeseun

    I have the grace to wait until God shows up for me!

  2. Jesupelumi

    I will wait until God shows up for me maritally

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