How To Meet God’s Expectation In Marriage – Part 2

How To Meet God’s Expectation In Marriage – Part 2

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Yesterday, we laid two fundamentals of God’s expectation for marriage. The first was that; couples should imitate God as His dear children and the second was to walk in love.

Loving each other is an exciting thing to do in marriage; it is equally possible to do. Apparently, to love your spouse, you must be willing to give up yourself as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
Maturity in love begins at this point.

Marital relationship cannot attain it’s divine potential until we are ready to give up ourselves as instructed by God (not being cautious but being extravagant with oneself.

Sir, to imitate Christ in love, you must be willing to surrender your ego, your high ways and love like Jesus did as recorded in Eph. 5:25.

Ma, to imitate Christ and replicate it in marriage (to have a blissful marriage), you must give up this “equality” ideology. It doesn’t work in marriage. You must honor your husband as recorded in Eph. 5:21.

This is God’s expectation from married couples.

Why did you marry her if you can’t love her? Why did you marry him if you can’t respect him?

Ironically, the very thing that brought people into marriage is the same thing threatens the union! You need God to stay joyfully in your marriage. The basis on which you tied the knot was Love, why stop loving?

What God expect of our marriage is not going to change but, there is need for consistency in how we satisfy His unchanging expectation of our marriage.

In continuation from yesterdays post, God also expects:

3. Morality and Purity.
Immorality and impurity are love quenchers. It breeds hatred and rejection of one’s spouse, it must not be found in a Christian marriage. Message Bible calls it love turning to lust.

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Eph. 5:3 (MSG)
“Don’t allow love to turn into lust, setting off a downhill slide into sexual promiscuity, filthy practices, or bullying greed”

Lust is a temporal, inordinate affection that cannot sustain a home. God is not pleased that our love turns to lust.

4. Cautious Talking.
God abhors foolish, unguarded, demeaning, provoking and hurting talks in marriage. There must be no foolish talking as couples even in moments of heated argument or disagreement.

“Also, there must be no evil talk among you. Don’t say things that are foolish or filthy. These are not for you. But you should be giving thanks to God” Eph. 5:4 (ERV)

Instead of constant complaint or nagging about your spouse, see reasons to appreciate him/her. You must cultivate the habit of saying good thing about and to your spouse. You can’t be invalidating him/her and expect to have a working relationship.

5. Prove what is acceptable (pleasing) to God.
You cannot keep up with what pleases God when you don’t know what He expects from you.

“And try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord” Eph. 5:10 (ESV).

How do you please a woman or a man when you don’t know what they want? In same vain, God expect couples to discover and prove how their marriage can please Him. You must be able to prove and apply what is pleasing to God in your home.

There are still more expectations.
We shall continue some other time.

Someone said marriage is interesting when both partners are children of God. That is when they have the same father.

God expects the best from your marriage.

My Marriage shall fulfill God’s expectation

My marriage will not fail in Jesus name.

God has an expectation in our marriage.

Apply your confession

Eph 5

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