How To Recognize Who To Marry

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Imagine if you and a friend were going to collect a treasured gift. He assumed you knew the way and you assumed he knew the way.

Then you get to a cross road and both of you are now looking at each other like lucozade! It’s not a funny place to be actually or will both of you start to blame each other?

You see, in this life, no matter how much you know or have listened to all these inspirational I can be all that I want to be messages, you will always need at least someone to hold the fort for you.

And to all the spiritual people here, I am not talking about God o… lol. God is a constant, no doubt, but you need people…as in human beings!

Luke 9:30 & 31 (TLB) Then two men appeared and began talking with him—Moses and Elijah! They were splendid in appearance, glorious to see; and they were speaking of his death at Jerusalem, to be carried out in accordance with God’s plan.

Jesus, in all His glory and supernatural abilities, needed people like Moses and Elijah to remind Him about his mandate and encourage him, should he forget and be comfortable wining and dining with people.

Who says Jesus wasn’t an owambe person? Lol. That guy got a lot of invites I tell you.

So these fathers of faith came to fellowship with him. You think he didn’t need it?

Imagine if you knew when you would die!

And it’s even a different thing if the death was going to be a sweet one. You sure will not want that day to come!

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So take it or leave it, if you would go far, you will need prayer partners, encouragers, sponsors, fans, disciplers, mentors, pastors or whoever is applicable to you.

Interestingly, if you want to get married, your spouse should be at least one of these to you.

Don’t marry someone whom you will get lost with and we would be looking for both of you inside the forest.

You too, don’t be a clueless person. Don’t be someone who will misplace somebody’s son or daughter.

Be a compass in your relationship. You know the beautiful thing about being a compass?

It is also always in the right location as long as the person seeking direction is the one holding it!

Asides relationship, when you add value to people around you, you also will be valuable. As much as you can, help people to be better.

Don’t engage in unhealthy competitions. If you would compete at all, let it be for profitable things. For example, which of us will be the first person to win 100 souls for Christ?

Even in a relationship, you can set such healthy goals for yourselves. As a single, you can start building healthy targets for yourselves to maximize your single hood.

As the year is running to an end, it’s not too late to positively challenge yourself.

God gives grace to the humble. Are you humble?

CONFESSION FOR THE DAY: I receive grace to be a reliever of stress.

PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, help me to engage in healthy competitions.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Do you feel lost sometimes?

ACTION PLAN FOR THE DAY: Ask the Holy Spirit to find you out from whatever it is that you are lost in.


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