How To Show Your Love To That Lady

I began this topic yesterday.

If you missed it, you can read HERE

This morning, I will continue from where I left off.

6. Ladies want a romantic man

Nothing is as irritation as coping with an unromantic man.

If a lady finds a man who is God fearing and also romantic, that lady is blessed.

This is usually because a man cannot be romantic without being caring and thoughtful.

And those are virtues that every lady wants.

As singles, being romantic does not include any form of sexual expression.

7. Ladies want a defender

Ladies want men who can stand up for them and protect them when necessary.

Ladies want a man who will be willing to wait rather than take advantage of them.

She expects him to protect her from her future in-laws She should be protected from difficult parents.

Don’t leave her at their mercy wherein she starts playing the role of a wife before becoming one.

8. She expects PDA

Public Display of Affection is not lust or sinful.

She wants that, for example as you take a walk.

Not that you ask her to walk ahead of you every time as if you are a secret bodyguard. Walk with her.

Hold her hands. It won’t lead into sin out there. It is what you do in the dark and behind closed doors that lead to sin.

9. She wants him to be humorous

Ladies loved those who make them laugh.

The idea is not to pick up a career in comedy but to simply to be humourous.

Let her know that there won’t be any gloomy times when you are around.

Let her get some hearty laughter from you and not from Akpororo and the rest all the time!

Stay joyful. Stay positive.

May God grant more understanding

I will take care of my loved one

Lord, surround me with your favour

Pro 5:18 (MSG) Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!

Pray for one another

Matthew 10

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