How To Survive That Stormy Situation

You may be at that point in your life where the storm is boisterous, where it seems everything is just messed up in your life, where it seems the devil is just hitting on you left, right, and centre.

The job is not forth coming.
The bae has been delaying.
Your proposals have been receiving a ‘no’ ever since.
Your business is not breaking forth as you desire.
Sickness seems to be eating the little money you have.
Your family is facing one challenge or the other.
Your younger one is about to drop out of school because of lack of finance… and so on.

There are storms all over, and it has started to eat up your joy! Now, that there is what today’s devotional is about.
No doubt, the storms are real, but NEVER allow them steal your joy.


The goal of the devil is not the storm in your life; the storm is just a tool.
The devil’s ultimate goal is to steal your joy, to kill your vibes in God, and then by reason of these two being in place, he destroys your life.

When the storms come, it’s time to praise more… it’s time to dance more… it’s time to sing more… to thank God more…
Make sure the storm doesn’t take away your joy!
This dancing in the storm doesn’t come naturally; that’s the reason you will need the strength of the Spirit (gained through intimacy).

When there’s no money in the bank, dance for the food on your table.
When there’s no food on your table, dance for the breath in your nostrils.
When the breath in your nostrils is fleeting, dance for God being God.
And when there’s no bae in sight, dance for God being a Bae like no other!

Imagine Paul and Silas!
They were working earnestly for the LORD, and then the devil brought a storm into their lives.
They were SEIZED… they were BEATEN with rods… and they were cast into the innermost PRISON.

Now that was enough to get them angry and grumpy against God… that was enough to take away their joy… that was enough to get them wondering “if God is alive, with us, and really cares about us, then why did He allow this?”… that was enough to get them depressed… that was enough to make them consider suicide.

But no!
They didn’t allow the storm push them to the negative lane!
They had sense enough to maintain their lane – to continue singing, praising, dancing, and praying to God.
They knew they couldn’t allow the devil win! They knew they had to keep their joy in the midst of the storm.

Dear friend, don’t allow the devil steal your joy!

The devil also came for Job!
If you’ve read the book of Job (or at least the early chapters), you would agree with me that the goal of the devil was not just to bring storms into the life of Job; his goal was for Job to ‘curse God and die.’
But Job held on… and his fortunes were restored seven times over.

Oh, a Scripture just dropped in my spirit.

“Restore our fortunes, O Lord, like streams in the Negeb!”
Psalms 126:4 ESV

I see the LORD restoring the fortunes of someone!
I see someone waging THROUGH the storms in JOY, and having her (a ‘he’ can also key in) fortunes restored seven times over at the other side of the storm!

And then your testimony would sound like this:

“When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”
Psalms 126:1-2 ESV

Is someone receiving this?
Hahahahaha… my mouth is filled with laughter, and my tongue with shouts of joy. Declare that right now.

Dear friend, here is my final word for today:
Let your storm spell J-O-Y, and you have defeated the devil!

I do not give up my joy, my commitment to God, and my life in the storm. I praise through the storm… I dance through the cross… I worship God through the pains.

LORD, grant me the ‘sense’ and the strength to keep my joy in the midst of the storm, and the energy to praise and dance through my pains.

The devil is not really interested in the storm; his interest is in your joy, in your commitment to God, and IN YOUR LIFE! The storm is just his tool of operation.

Listen to Phil Thompson’s song titled “My Worship” and restore your joy.
[The song will be uploaded on our telegram group]

Acts 16:16-34

  • Jesupelumi says:

    You Lord are worthy of my praise and no one will worship you for me! Take all of my worship.

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