I am dating a pastor/prophet, and we are planning on getting married but by chance I discovered that when he goes for international ministration, he sleeps with women and just recently, I caught him in the act of masturbation and also a conversation, that suggests that he wants to visit spiritualist for additional powers.

He always speaks of well known pastors in Ghana that are either using occultist powers or are sleeping with women.
This was before I discovered his activities. I confronted him and admitted that yes he was in the act of masturbation and the women (before we met) issue were true.

He broke down and went into a fasting and is intending to undergo deliverance. He however, claimed that although he had considered the spiritualist’s help, he never went to see them.
Because he feared God. Sir, I am so confused now. I am torn between breaking up with him or standing by him.

Before we started dating I really prayed it and had God’s approval but this discovery is too much for me.

He is still on the mountain fasting and prayer. He pastored a church in Russia but was arrested and deported in 2017 and since then he always complains that he has lost his passion for the work of God.
What should I do?

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